Dangerous Pays Tribute to Stephen Hawking, details of the event here

By Liana Ruppert

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<p>  The world lost a brilliant mind when famous physicist Stephen Hawking died on Tuesday, and people from all over the world immediately gathered to pay homage to a man who defied all odds from the day he the doctors should tell him, prepare for the inevitable.He took that warning and went through it as he continued his investigation and extended his light to those around him. </p>
<p>  For a game that is based on the stars and is mathematical at its core, It's surprising that <em> Elite: Dangerous </em> has its own tribute in mind.The event starts at 5 PM ET and will be available to players on all platforms.The event will tour 19 stations in the game inspired by Hawking himself . and It estimates that it will last around five hours for those who choose to participate. The showrunners are to ask players to bring "a can or two" of tea in honor of Hawking, as was his favorite drink and is a merchandise in the game. </p>
<p>  Properly called "Hawking Tea Run", this is what one of the organizers had to say about the event in the Frontier forums: </p>
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<p>  CMDR, the team that brought you HORSE (now called Paradox Wing) would like to invite you to tea with Professor Hawking on a tour of The stations that bear his name to commemorate his death The tour will take place next Saturday (03/17/18) between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. UTC We recommend that you use a boat with a medium jump range (c. 25Ly) at a minimum) </p>
<p>  It is proposed that the tour begins at Hawking Station in Gaoh, will visit each of the other 19 stations that bear his name and will end in a Black Hole in HIP 34707. The route takes approximately 5 hours to complete at a reasonable pace and baduming an additional stop to pick up the T . </p>
<p>  We would like all of you to bring a bowl or two of tea with you, we can all drop into the black hole of destination. Tea was the favorite drink of the great man, so it seems an appropriate tribute merchandise. </p>
<p>  Prof. Apparently, the registration number of Hawking's car was T4 SWH, so, like the event, we also ask that everyone who has them change their ID badges to T4 SWH in their honor. </p>
<p>  This is the final update and all times and waypoints are confirmed (Update 3). </p>
<p>  We propose that the route be of an open nature due to the large number of reference points and the total distance of c.1600Ly. The start and end times are fixed, but it is recommended that the CMDRs travel at their own pace: </p>
<p>  Start: Hawking station, Gaoh 17:00 UTC <br /> End: black hole (HIP 34707 B) 22 : 00 – tea donation ceremony </p>
<p>  The beginning and the end will be carried out in private groups, whose details can be found in the Discord: https://discord.gg/9gTG2W4</p>
<p>Itinerary as follows: <br /> Gaoh <br /> Yum Cruang <br /> Makulu <br /> Itela <br /> Ac Yax Baru <br /> Solati <br /> LP 906-9 <br /> Ross 89 <br /> Maya <br /> Arbuda <br /> VVO 19 <br /> Targari <br /> Oduduro <br /> Maikoro <br /> Burigpa – Surface Base <br /> Simarasir <br /> BD + 15 896 <br /> Dyaushibi <br /> HIP 45957 <br /> Lokaantii – Surface Base <br /> HIP 34707 </p>
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