‘Dancing with the Stars’: Explanation of Tyra Banks Host Change – ‘DWTS’

Three weeks in dancing with the Stars‘The latest season, the show’s creative team stands by its controversial change in host.

During a virtual press event with reporters on Wednesday, executive producers Andrew Lelinares commented on the decision to replace Tom Bergeran and Erin Andrews with Tyra Banks, describing the move as “evolutionary” needed for the show.

“For any show done this way for many, many seasons need to continue to develop,” Llinares said. “It was about making the show feel new, feeling new, maybe taking it to a new audience” while also not alienating “anyone who hasn’t been watching the show for years.” . ” (Bergeron and Andrews’ exit was previously called the “new creative direction” for the competition series.)

Although Lallinares offered no other explanation for Berging and Andrews’ ferring – despite being asked whether Bergeran was let go to criticize Sean Spicer’s casting last season – he did just one host instead of two. Praised the “fantastic” format to use.

“I think it really refreshes the pace of the show,” the EP continued. “There is a real danger, when a show has been running for a long time, that the audience is almost bored with its rhythm. It has changed the rhythm of the show in a really exciting way [to have Banks hosting solo]. Tyra is doing an amazing, amazing job. ”

New episodes of dancing with the Stars Air Mondays at 8 / 7c on ABC. Thus far, NBA All-Star Charles Oakley and Tiger king Personality Carol Beskin has been removed from season 29.

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