Dana White talks about Connor McGregor’s sexual harassment charge

UFC President Dana White says he has not spoken to Connor McGregor because the former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion has found himself in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

On Saturday, reports surfaced that the former McGregor (22-4 MMA, 10-2 UFC) was arrested in France on charges of sexual exploitation and indecent exposure. McGregor was interviewed and released by officers, and his team subsequently issued a statement and denied all wrongdoing.

White was asked about the situation on the UFC at an ESPN + 35 post-fight news conference, and said that he has no more details than he has already publicly emerged.

“You’re retired or not retired. You can get yourself into trouble,” White told reporters, including MMA Janaki. “I don’t know enough about the Connor situation. I don’t know about it. I know what you’ve read. I’ve read the same things. Connor is retired, I haven’t talked to him. I’m sure he’s got my. Don’t need help or advice, but he can call if he did. ”

Over the past several years, McGregor has found himself in hot water outside the Octagon for many indiscretions. There are other examples of sexual harassment allegations, with no case of an Irishman being officially charged or convicted.

White was pressured as to why he believes McGregor’s name is associated with such stories, and he said that the status of a superstar fighter could be a breeding ground for controversy. White has already seen what McGregor’s level of global fame could be, and although he said it would be no excuse if any such allegations were vindicated, he recognizes that McGregor lives a simple life. Are far from

“At a time when Connor exploded and Connor was at large, he showed once at the venue how much security I am with, ‘This (exitive) is ridiculous, nobody needs this protection, it’s The kid is going to blow everyone his money just on security, “White said.” Then I and Lorenzo (Fertitta) met with him one night, and holy (exitive). Until you go out with him, You don’t understand how big this kid is. He was really busy. People were going crazy, screaming and sticks jumped off the table and left Connors to go upstairs. I ever did that. Did not see anything.

“You guys have to realize – imagine how it is in Europe. He was getting angry like the old people when he left. It was not just young people. It was old people. That kind of life, mad (seductive) is when you are in that type of lifestyle. You try to go out and you try to be normal and you try to be normal and sometimes it is difficult to do so. I am not defending Connor in any way, shape or form. I don’t know enough about her situation to talk about her. I know I’ve been with her in public before, and it’s a bat (exploitative) nut. ”

McGregor did not fight since Donald Cerrone’s quick TKO at UFC 246 in January. He announced his retirement from the game in May, and White stated several times that he had taken “The Notorious” in his word on that claim.