Dana White says Khabib Nurmagomedov’s striking is underrated

Dana White is not like other major commissioners of the game. He is unfamiliar with his bestial approach, and often speaks his mind about everything. He is not as diplomatic as others in prominent sports positions like himself. Dana is honest and unfiltered, something that has helped her become a character.

White is also generally very honest about how he judges his fighters. He tries not to show bias when talking about fighters, often just what he thinks. This is what he did while praising Khabib Nurmagomedov and striking out with Kevin Ayol on Yahoo Sports.

“100%. Yes I do. He barely collides, and the thing is when you have a man who is like a wrestler and does the damage that he does to you when you sit on your back And how hard it is to get up. What you start focusing on is not being taken down. What you know enables one to put some big shots on people. “

Dana White makes a good point about Khabib’s striking skills

Dana White is not just a businessman, he is a real fight fan. He outgrew the sport and built a large-scale business that is the focal point of the industry. Naturally, White has fought a lot of fights and battles in his time as UFC president. So while he is praising Khatib’s strike at the level of the World Championship, it is indeed a very positive thing.

Khabib has shown hard work and the ability to hit consistently, but just not where he dominates. He is a capable stand-up fighter, but he will not survive through a pure striking matchup against Connor McGregor or UFC 254 opponent Justin Gethje. His striking is effective because it is a secondary weapon that undermines opponents for fear of Khabib’s wrestling. He catches opponents off-guard, but can pack a serious punch.

We cannot expect a strike masterclass from Khabib against Justin Gaithje at UFC 254, but if called upon, he can pack a very dangerous punch. Will a punch like that be enough to completely isolate Gaige.

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