Dana White: Conor McGregor can never fight again


UFC President Dana White said he believes Conor McGregor's career in the octagon could be over.

This is a change from earlier this month when the company was still hopeful that the lightweight champion (21-3) would return in UFC 219 on December 30 in Las Vegas, but that failed. Although the two sides are in the process of negotiating a new deal, McGregor is not expected to fight again in 2017.

"We were working on a fight for him at the end of the year, and he's just not ready." White told reporters on Tuesday. "We're still in that & # 39; Conor could never fight again" # [phase] The guy has about $ 100 million, I have guys who earned less than, who were lawyers all their lives and stopped working … And fighting is the worst, try to get up and hit your face to make a living when you have $ 100 million in the bank. "

Since his fight with Mayweather, McGregor has been in the headlines for his misbehavior, including an incident in which he pushed a referee at an event in Dublin.

White said he was concerned about McGregor's antics since the Mayweather fight.

"Conor is a rich boy, who is a god in Ireland," White said. "That is not the healthiest environment."

White also said he is not willing to wait forever for McGregor to make a decision about his future, but he does not yet talk about stripping him of his title.

At the end of the day, I'm going to run this business with or without anyone, "White said." If Conor wants to fight again, we want Conor to come back. "But if Conor walks away and does not fight again, it's part of the game .

"We have to realize that. At this moment, with him, it is not about defending or vacating. We are working on a new deal with him. We have to work on this new agreement. "

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