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Damages reported in Mountainburg, Arkansas, as severe outbreaks of outbreaks in the Midwest. UU

More than 28 million are at risk of severe weather on Friday in much of the central and southern United States.

Cities at risk from damaging storms that will first develop on Friday afternoon include: Dallas, Austin and San Antonio Texas; Omaha, Nebraska; Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri; Fort Smith and Texarkana, Arkansas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mountainburg, Ark., Was hit by a thunderstorm on Friday afternoon with widespread damage reported throughout the city.

There are a variety of threats that storms could produce, such as isolated tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, and flash floods. Travel delays are also possible.

Residents should be prepared to move in and seek refuge at the first sign of thunder or lightning.


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Severe thunderstorms, isolated tornadoes threaten the central and southern United States until the weekend

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10:25 p.m. CDT Friday:

Severe thunderstorms are moving through Little Rock, Arkansas, with the potential for damaging wind gusts and brief, heavy rains.

Driving at night under heavy rain and gusty winds can make travel difficult, and vehicles are more likely to slip on hydrofoils on wet roads.

9:34 p. M. CDT Friday:

A line of severe thunderstorms has developed across Arkansas and southern Missouri with the main threat of damaging winds. However, some thunderstorms in this storm line can cause a tornado.

These tornadoes can be extremely dangerous since they will be difficult to see under the protection of the night.

  line of storms

8:40 p.m. CDT Friday:

More than 150 buildings were damaged and four people injured in Mountainburg, Arkansas, due to a possible tornado that moved on Friday.

Some rains continue to bring rain to the area, but the severe threat has decreased in Mountainburg.

7:51 p.m. CDT Friday:

More images come out of Mountainburg, Ark., After a thunderstorm announced by the tornado moved on Friday afternoon.

Thousands of people have no electricity in Mountainburg with search and rescue still in progress.

  mountainburg tornado 1

Storm damage in Mountainburg, Arkansas, Friday afternoon. (Photo / Department of Emergency Management of Crawford County)

  mountain burg tornado 2

Storm damage in Mountainburg, Arkansas, Friday afternoon. (Photo / Department of Emergency Management of Crawford County)

7:15 p.m. CDT Friday:

The tornado threat is expected to increase in a narrow area in western Arkansas in the next few hours as a supercell storm sweeps through the state.

"A significant tornado threat may increase and the downstream areas of the Seadrea County supercell, including Montgomery and Yell counties, are under increasing risk of tornado," the Storm Prediction Center said. a special discussion about the weather.

The storm has a history of producing a tornado and could cause greater damage if the storm strengthens.

  large tornado reed

A tornado northwest of Dierks, Arkansas, on Friday afternoon seen by extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer.

6:55 p.m. CDT Friday:

Three thunderstorms in north-central Louisiana are capable of producing a tornado. A tornado was confirmed near Calhoun, Louisiana this afternoon by a NOAA plane flying in the area.

  3 Storms

Another storm near Provo, Arkansas, has a history of producing a tornado with AccuWeather Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer pointing to the storm.

6:37 p.m. CDT Friday:

While the strongest storms have been concentrated in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, heavy storms have brought hail to parts of Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

The hail with these Storms have been as big as golf balls, including the hail that fell in Oakland, Iowa on Friday afternoon.

  hail oakland iowa

Hail the size of a golf ball in Oakland, Iowa on Friday afternoon. (Photo / Elizabeth Graves)

5:50 p.m. CDT Friday:

A new storm capable of producing a tornado is located just east of Fort Smith, Arkansas. People in Cecil and Ozark, Arkansas, should seek refuge immediately.

  radar 8

This storm can bring rain and lightning to Mountainburg, which suffered storm damage this afternoon, but the worst of the storm should continue east of the city.

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