AUSTIN – Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez will present documents this morning to become a gubernatorial candidate in the March Democratic primary.

"Like many working Texans, I know it's hard to decide between buying food, finding a decent place to live and reserving money for college tuition.The opportunity in Texas should be as big as this great state, but it's out of reach of too many, that's why I'm running for governor of Texas, "said Lupe Valdez.

"I am a proud Texas Democrat, I believe that good government can improve people's lives, and I intend to do it," Valdez said in a statement Wednesday morning.

Just before noon at the headquarters of the Texas Democratic Party, Valdez will make the official announcement. She will also send a letter of resignation to the Dallas County commissioners, who will then appoint an interim sheriff until their replacement is elected.

Valdez must resign as sheriff to challenge Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Last week, Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan told WFAA that Valdez had intended to resign and run for governor.

The Dallas sheriff immediately becomes the most high-profile Democratic candidate for a party that has apparently struggled to recruit someone to challenge Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Valdez faces an uphill battle in a state race for the tallest office in Texas. The Democrats have not won the governorship in more than two decades.

In 1994, George W. Bush defeated Ann Richards, the last Democratic governor. It was believed that former state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, was a credible challenger to Abbott after Rick Perry left the square open in 2012. But Davis lost to Abbott by 20 points.

Abbott, now seeking a second term, often polls as the state's most popular elected official. You have more than $ 40 million in your campaign account.

Valdez, a former senior agent of the US Customs Service. UU In the Department of Homeland Security, she addressed the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last year, but she is largely unknown outside of North Texas.

In the next few weeks, he will begin traveling around the state to introduce himself to Texans, not to mention starting to raise funds.

Valdez, aged 70, was first elected in 2004.

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