Dallas Cowboys: Stephen Jones offers the latest update on the Dak Prescott extension talks, explains why the QB Cowboys deserve to be "fairly paid"

The Dallas Cowboys were able to score one of their own on the list when it comes to long-term extensions.

On Friday, defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence signed a contract for $ 105 million over five years, with $ 65 million guaranteed and paid for the first three seasons, the sources said. The Dallas Morning News & # 39; Kate Hairopoulos. Lawrence will receive a signing bonus of $ 25 million and $ 31.1 million in 2019, the highest payment in the first year for a non-field marshal, according to NFL.com.

So, who is next? Field quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott are in the final years of their rookie deals. Wide receiver Amari Cooper and cornerback Byron Jones will play in their fifth-year team options during the 2019 season.

While Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones did not want to commit to focusing solely on a player's extension, in an appearance on ESPN's 103.3 JM session on Monday morning, he said Dallas would like to extend Prescott before the season starts.

"I mean, that's what we'd like to do," Jones said. "You can not control those things.

"There are two sides to this, we've never really gotten into the bush in terms of Dak himself as to what his preferences are, I know he's focused on winning and getting as many players as he can out there working, so you can have a great team next year.

"At the same time, I'm sure it will come." There will be a point in time where we all move and say: "Hey, let's do it before a certain time and let's leave it behind".

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At the NFL combine in Indianapolis at the end of February, Jones said The news & # 39; Jon Machota says that Prescott "deserves to be badyzed in a very progressive way". He said so much in Monday's interview with ESPN, also insisting on the fact that quarterback extensions "must be friendly to the team."

In a recent episode of "Ballzy" – The news & # 39; sports podcast: Cowboys informant David Moore said a new deal for Dak could be in the average range of $ 25 million to $ 28 million.

Tim Cowlishaw also recently wrote that it is worth noting the contractual status of Russell Wilson in Seattle from the perspective of the Cowboys (he delves into why here).

Another thing to keep in mind: the six highest paid quarterbacks for the 2018-19 seasons: Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay, Matt Ryan of Atlanta, Kirk Cousins ​​of Minnesota, Jimmy Garoppolo of San Francisco, Matthew Stafford of Detroit and Derek Carr of Oakland. did not make the playoffs.

Jones emphasized that Prescott's next agreement must be friendly to the team.

"At the same time, and I know Dak wants this, you want a cast," Jones said on ESPN Radio. "That's the way to go through being one of the best quarterbacks that has ever played the game: winning championships.

"There have been many good players who won a lot of games and have good stats, but if you do not have championships, there is certainly a feeling of emptiness there, I know Dak, his main goal here is to win the Super Bowl." championships He is a winner, he is a leader.

"I feel good because we will find our way to a place where the contract allows us to surround it with a large cast of support, which is in place." If we look at our offensive line, we observe our receiving nucleus, we look at Zeke : a lot of that is there, obviously with [Jason] Witten came back and some young tight ends, that certainly is a good place for us too. So we just have to keep building on that and be able to fit into Dak.

"He certainly deserves to be paid fairly, it's a fourth-round election in the state of Mississippi, as we all know, he never made a lot of money, per se, with his contract." He certainly deserves to be paid and paid fairly. . "

And although Jones did not want to disclose the contracts that the team considered comparable to what Prescott could finally sign, ESPN's Bill Barnwell recently theorized a six-year agreement, $ 168 million with $ 60 million guaranteed, did offer his views on why he believes that Prescott deserves to be paid.

"I just think he has rare intangibles: his ability to interact with the team [in the] out of season, during the season, on the field, off the field, "Jones said. He is well respected by all parts of our team, and that is weird. Some guys get along with the DBs, others get along with their receivers, others get along with the offensive line. Dak just has a way of not only getting along with the offensive side of the ball, but with all facets of the team. So your leadership skills.

"He's the toughest worker there is, he'll go with any group at any time, if the groups need to split up, we'll see him sometimes three times a day throwing."

"It sets the tone, it's what it's about, I just think it's hard to find, I think it's weird and I think he has those leadership and intangible skills, the players love to play for him, I think that's why That he was very successful winning.

"As you said, some people want to point out that you do not do this as well as you would like or that, but at the end of the day it's a winner, it's 12-6 in the NFC East, which is where you have to start year after year. In the NFC East, you start winning The Patriots are a great example in the AFC, they start winning their division, they get their farewells, they get their advantage in the local field, that's how they win the championships, they establish a good team.

"And Dak is a winner and he's been able to win games in the East two to one, we just need that to continue and we need to build on that."

Find the full JaM Session interview here.

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