Dallas Cowboys has zero chance of making the playoffs


The Dallas Cowboys are down right now. After a 5-3 start with Ezekiel Elliott the team has fallen to the edge of the playoff contest. Some members of the media have taken this as an opportunity to kick the US team while it is not running. One of those personalities, the former wide receiver of the series Reggie Wayne said in an NFL.com video that they have no chance of making the playoffs as they are currently built.

"Zero possibility, No Ezekiel Elliott Ezekiel was his offensive and his defense He made Dak Prescott better, made Dez Bryant better. The side line, and that's what we all lost in the confusion was exactly how good this defense was, it was not very good, but with him on the field, they were great, without him in the picture, this Dallas Cowboys team has I had problems. "

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A reminder to Wayne: No team has a zero percent chance of reaching the playoffs until they're actually eliminated, what the Cowboys have not been. The loss of a player does not destroy a season. If he did, why did his 2011 Colts even bother to satisfy once it became clear that Peyton Manning was not going to play?

The Chargers started this season 0-4, but are firmly in the postseason fighter after beating the Cowboys at Thanksgiving. The teams surpbad the seemingly insurmountable playoff odds every year. The Cowboys have an easy schedule until Elliott returns, and could attract an Eagles team in Week 17 that has nothing to play for.

The season is not over. The Cowboys will continue to fight as long as the math says there is something to fight for, even if their Colts team without Manning did not.

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