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Dallas Cowboys: Ed Werder explains why the Giants are a dangerous opponent for the Cowboys

Ed Werder recently joined "Cowlishaw and Dennis" on 103.3 FM ESPN to talk about soccer. Here are some highlights from your interview:

Facing the Giants

Steve Dennis: What do you think of Eli Manning now that he starts this weekend, apparently, against the Cowboys? With Jerry Reese and [Ben] outside McAdoo, will this be a small nest of Giants hornets?

Ed Werder: I did not expect to enter this game that Dak Prescott would have the consecutive starting streak longer than the Giants' quarterback. But this is how it is.

Yeah, I think it makes them a more dangerous opponent because you have Eli trying to justify that he's still a starting quarterback in the NFL, either for the Giants or for someone else. the next season.

Steve Spagnuolo, the defensive coordinator who, by the way, has really frustrated Dak Prescott, as well as anyone in the NFC East league over the past two seasons, is now more motivated than ever to try. to turn this interim job into a permanent position as Jason Garrett could do in the last half of the season when he took over from Wade Phillips a few years ago.


Tim Cowilshaw: We saw the Redskins give the Cowboys an obvious help on Thursday night, but do you think Alfred Morris running for 127 yards, doing what he did, they sent Any kind of signal that they will survive the next two games without Zeke and that they may have a functional offense?

Ed Werder: I mean, we still have not seen them really do much with the passing game. I think if you're a Cowboys fan, you're still concerned about Dak Prescott and his ability to lead scoring drives, quick plays without Ezekiel Elliott [as] that threat in the backfield behind him.

The Cowboys are one of the best football teams on the long trip. I think they lead the NFL by scoring touchdowns of 10-play units. Since Elliott went to Cabo, or where he served his suspension, it is the league's worst team to create explosive plays of 20 or more yards in the passing game.

So that becomes a very difficult way to earn points unless your defense is creating turnovers and getting short fields. [If] The only way you can score is in long units of 10 moves or more [and] you can not create big plays that become very difficult to make against really good defenses.

Now the Giants were that when the season started. I do not know if they are still there or not because, obviously, they have had some games where they have given 40-50 points. Then they are not what they once were either. But I think they will be a highly motivated team this week

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