Dale Moss’s ‘Mystery Woman’ denied allegations of fraud

Elonora Sriguo, the woman accused of a romantic affair with ex-fiancé Del Moss of “Bachelorette” star Claire Crowley, says she is not the reason behind the former couple’s recent split.

“Dale and Eleanora are, and have been Platonic friends for a few years,” Rep, Tornian told Page Six on Friday. “They have never been romantically involved in any way. She was excited for her engagement and only wishes her the best. “

The publicist clarified, “They have never engaged in dating – or lovingly – in any way. Any claim that they have dated or were romantically involved is a lie.

Rumors started circulating for the first time after E! The news reported that New York-based real estate agent Shrigo “sneaked in with Dell” behind Crowley’s back.

An anonymous source told the outlet that Crowley had allegedly seen Moss and Shrigo’s evidence together, but the publication did not reveal what the evidence allegedly showed.

Meanwhile, Moss and Crowley remain silent on the cheating rumors, but the reality stars released a statement about their breakup.

Moss, 32, was the first to confirm the split, sharing that it was “the healthiest decision for the pair”. However, the 39-year-old Crowley revealed on Instagram that he was “crushed” and “needed some time to really digest it.”

The couple’s tornado romance lasted only five months. Moss proposed to Crowley in season 16 of “The Bachelorette” last year after meeting the pair on the ABC dating show and had known each other for just a few weeks.

Moss and Crowley did not immediately return our requests for comment.


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