Daily tarot reading of a card for March 28, 2021

Your daily one-card tarot reading for all zodiac signs is here with a prediction for March 28, 2021.

The Sun is in Aries and the Moon is in Libra.

The Full Moon in Libra arrives on Sunday, and with it comes many opportunities to cleanse and invite some form of restoration.

Sunday’s numerology comes with the energy of a Life Path Number 9, the Humanitarian.

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The full moon on Sunday indicates a release of energy. This is the time to clean up!

Tarot cards can be cleaned by placing them in a place where they can absorb moonlight.

Moon water can be made by placing a small jar with water, and this can be used to cast spells or clean crystals.

A fun thing to do when setting an intention during a full moon is to have a cup of water and capture the image of the moon’s reflection.

As you ask the universe to participate and bring you what you want to have, you meditate on the moon in your cup. Then drink it.


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