Daily Show The Argument with Trevor Noah – Shows Two Sides of the Deadline

Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah Today offered two views of the argument on federal law enforcement intervention.

In a montage featuring various pundits talking about the presence of federal law in Portland, Oregon, the Daily Show told the same group of people a few years ago against federal interference in a 2014 case against Nevada’s racher Cleven Bundy Showed arguing.

Bundy was an independent rancher who was in conflict over whether he had the right to allow his cattle to graze on federal land.

The Oregon demonstrator is part of an attack on Confederate buildings that began as a George Floyd uprising, but has recently become somewhat of a gruesome antifa street demonstration, one of which claims the president of the Portland NAACP’s original focus Has also done away with it.

In the case of Bundy, the government confiscated their cattle, leading both sides to face their support in support of their fellow ranchers and others.

In the Portland case, the laws are trying to protect federal property from being damaged or destroyed by those who oppose the system and want to replace it.

Is Montaz showing us media hypocrisy? Or an apple and orange comparison of two completely different situations? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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