Dad was born with a small child and was given a 10% chance of survival, eventually finding a home.

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A child gave birth to Tinier by his father’s hand and gave just 10% chance of survival, which surprised the doctors by making it home, thanks to ‘Kangaroo Cuddles’ from his parents.

Mirren Cook was born just 25 weeks premature and one day pregnant, after 28-year-old Mum Katie, who developed pre-eclampsia.

Weighing just 467 grams, less than half the bags of sugar, Mirren was dumped into the Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU). Her parents, Katie and Kevin, 30, had to wait an agony for 10 days before being allowed to have their daughter.

Recalling the moment she held her daughter for the first time, Katie, an early years officer, says: “It was a great feeling, I could cry happy tears.

“I have been waiting for that day for ages. There was a feeling that she was not mine until that day. ”

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Baby Mirren was younger than his father’s hand when he was 25 weeks old. (completes)

As Mirren strengthened, Katie was allowed to have her every day, and the nurses showed the new mother how to have special ‘kangaroo cuddles’ with her child.

Kangaroo care, according to Tommy, is a method of caring for stable underweight or premature babies outside an incubator. This involves bandaging your baby in your chest, with skin-to-skin contact between the child and the parents to help maintain a healthy body temperature.

After having daily skin-to-peppermint with her newborn baby, Mirren’s parents say she went from strength to strength and after 16 weeks at the hospital in Dufferline, Murali, she finally got enough to go home. Was strong.

Kangaroo Cuddles helped make Mirren strong enough to go home.  (completes)
Kangaroo Cuddles helped make Mirren strong enough to go home. (completes)

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Katie says that Kangaroo Cuddle really helped her to bond with her daughter.

“My maternal instinct kicked in, the kangaroo cuddle really made a difference, because skin-to-skin touch is important for relationship and development, Mirren loved it.

“I think it was comforting for him to feel relaxed and sniffed us. It also helps to bring milk to express, as obviously I couldn’t latch the mirren, so the milk Had to express in bottles, which no child next to me.

“The better we looked after the kangaroo, the better we felt.”

Baby Mirren weighed less than a bag of sugar when she was born.  (completes)
Baby Mirren weighed less than a bag of sugar when she was born. (completes)

Katie’s pregnancy remained normal until she was 25 weeks pregnant and realized that she could not feel her baby moving.

She went straight to the hospital, where doctors discovered high levels of protein in her urine and diagnosed her with pre-eclampsia, a potentially fatal condition according to the NHS that raises blood pressure and can cause complications for mother and baby Huh.

The doctors told the parents that they had done such work ahead of time as if they had just waited for 48 hours more, an opportunity Mirren would not have created.

“I’m so grateful that we went and were investigated, it really saved us,” Katie says.

Transferred to the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, Katie underwent an emergency caesarean, with Mirren making her arrival on 10 May 2020.

“The next four months were a rollercoaster,” Katie says. “In 12 hours Mirren went from having 10% of her chances of survival to 70%, she just kept fighting.

“He had to have blood transfusions five times and has gone through more and more hospitals throughout his life.”

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When they could finally catch her, 10 days after her birth, Katie and Kevin were able to do everything a parent should be able to do immediately.

“We were allowed to change her nappy, read her stories and gave her lots of kangaroo cocks,” says Katie.

“She’s getting stronger and stronger, and we could really spend time with her while we were leaving.”

The family are thrilled to have Mirren home after 16 weeks in the NICU.  (completes)
The family are thrilled to have Mirren home after 16 weeks in the NICU. (completes)

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Now, Mirren is finally home and healthy, with the new parents sharing their story to help others recognize the signs of pre-eclampsia and give hope to other parents who will be going through the same thing.

“We’re very happy that he’s back, he’s doing great and getting stronger,” Katie says.

“We are incredibly grateful to the NHS, and all the doctors and nurses helped us and made it possible to bring Mirren home.

“Now he weighs seven pounds, is getting stronger by the day and we’re all taking it one day at a time.”

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