Dad petitions college to alter mascot since “phoenix” feels like penis


A phoenix is a mythical firebird with the ability to be continuously reborn from its own flames. HOW IS THAT NOT AN AWESOME MASCOT, DAD?
A phoenix is a legendary firebird with the flexibility to be constantly reborn from its personal flames. HOW IS THAT NOT AN AWESOME MASCOT, DAD?

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2017%2f09%2f19%2ffa%2frakheadshot.f59fbBy Rachel Kraus

A dad in Utah has created a petition asking his children’ college district to alter the mascot for the soon-to-open Farmington High School in Utah’s Davis School District. 

Why? Because he thinks the present mascot, “The Phoenix,” sounds an excessive amount of like “penis.”

As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, the mascot for Farmington High School will likely be “The Phoenix,” referred to in singular, as the fantastic firebird that it’s. But the grammar of the mascot’s title nervous native dad Kyle Fraughton as soon as he found that the plural of Phoenix is “Phoenices.” 

The phrase’s similarity to “penises” apparently received him and his fellow cool dads a-gigglin’, and shortly thereafter, he launched a petition asking the college to alter the title. 

Fawkes the Phoenix is NOT here for this.

Fawkes the Phoenix is NOT right here for this.

The downside, in line with Fraughton, just isn’t the title similarity — it is that these traditional Utah bullies from different faculties would possibly use the title to make enjoyable of the Farmington Kids. You know, with killer insults like, “penises suck!” (Zing! Burn!)

Here’s how the conclusion of horror set in, in line with Fraughton’s petition:

After first listening to concerning the mascot of Phoenix, I used to be working towards some cheers for the upcoming college 12 months with a few my neighbors only for enjoyable. We cheered, “Go Phoenixes!” However, it did not sound correct to us, so we seemed on-line to makes certain that we had been saying the pluralized phrase of Phoenix appropriately. We rapidly found that though Phoenixes is a suitable strategy to say it, one other pluralization is Phoenices. So we modified our cheer to, “Go Phoenices!” Which is when the priority started to set in.

Apparently a variety of fellow Farmington mother and father are equally squeamish: Fraughton’s petition has obtained practically three,000 signatures.

A consultant from the Davis School District advised The Salt Lake Tribune that they don’t have any plans to alter the title. In reality, the title was “chosen by area children,” in line with USA Today

Neither Kyle Fraughton nor the college district responded to Mashable’s request for remark earlier than the time of publication.

Really, does Phoenices sound like penises? TBH, not satisfied. Although Fraughton has some extent that youngsters will use actually something to bully one another.

Penises apart, Dumbledore severely must dispatch Fawkes to to Farmington stat. He’s simply the overwhelmingly stunning immortal chook to persuade these Concerned Parents that Phoenixes, or Phoenices, or, certain, The Phoenix, are f*cking superior, even when, okay, the plural type of their title does sorta perhaps kinda sound like a dick should you wished to listen to it that method.

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