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DaBaby hits the victim in a coma in danger of dying, says her mother

DaBaby hitting the victim

Victim in coma in danger of dying

… says mom

5/19/2019 9:19 AM PDT


DaBabyThe security team is in big trouble because the man they brutally beat on Friday night could die … according to his mother.

The victim – whose name is made in Don Trag – He is currently in the hospital and in a coma, according to his mother. The mother tells us that her son was acting in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the night he was beaten. The brother of Don Trag, who is also a rapper, says that all Don Trag wanted was to take a picture with DaBaby when his security went crazy with a fierce blow.

Don Trag's brother says that he has a severe inflammation of the brain and neck and that "he is not doing well". His mother says that things are even more sinister. She says that Don Trag, 22, was at his home outside of Boston on Saturday, hours after the attack, when he collapsed.

As we informed, Don Trag had been taken to the hospital Right after the attack, but released and went to his mother's house.

As we reported, the incident occurred at the Nightclub Center, just before DaBaby was about to take the stage. Our DaBaby sources told us that Don Trag became aggressive and that was when his security intervened. DaBaby watched as Don Trag was beaten.

The police appeared after the attack, but none of the witnesses wanted to cooperate.

Don Trag's mother says of the attackers: "These people are animals." Mom says they have already been in contact with a lawyer.

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