The risk is paid off, says Martin Huba, who won the Masaryk post

/ HIGHLIGHTING / Martin Huba, principal leader Jakub Červenky's Talk with TGM, is also one of the winners that were circulated at home on Saturday. "Often, the Czech stone is. But he has been living with most and most," he says about his second Masaryk TG actor .

Critics have been given to TGM Call. It was not an easy project; It was built on the conversation of two men. Did you hope to know?
You can hope, but the product will be surprised. That was so today – the competing names were very good. Even the films that would be worth the awards. And he was happy to me, I did not hide the feelings. Because the calls were not enough.

It's really nice to find people who had this dangerous project. Kamikaze by b & # 39; there – two people walking through the park and her; speak, nothing more. He wanted a lot of confidence. I am pleased that the risk was paid. And she wanted and criticized me for the prize. I give it to the altar of confidence for the people who stood in the movie. And they can build them out of the ground. As it seemed at once as the film would not …

What's in Masaryk de Hovor but the one you played in the #? Century Czech le Raibeart Sedláček?
The appeals apply to more confidentiality, with all the likelihood. The Czech times were only dealing with Masaryk's political route, and # 39; bringing out his dreams. Austria-Hungarian breach and the establishment of an independent republic.

In the situation of Pavel Kosatka, the talks with Karel Čapek are much closer, we will include the neglect of his family, some poor care in relationships, and so on. I think we have told more about the audience. Including the fact that the Czech lost it for his & her; most of the time, rather than respect. He was very sad with the students, his colleagues, and he still went to humanity – behind his brother.

There is also some reflection, is not it?
Yes, it is more important of its self-imposition – in relation to family connection, as I have already mentioned, a question that values ​​every professional effort at the cost of the family. But – who will be a judge?

None of us have been a republic and has not been working with this style as national interests, what do we know? How was it feeling and what was it? suffering … With our film, we can help some conclusions with the audience by compelling and diagnosing them. eliminate the controversial characters of our history.

Would you like another historian?
More literature. I would like to go back to Lear once more or deal with Don Quixote – these are the heroes who own the same humanity through literary wealth.

Masaryk is not good, I like to find complex and complex characters in books. It's good to dream about these two heroes. But even if that opportunity has not come, I must be grateful for those who have already been giving me the news or the Lord. I had beautiful roles. If I'm not grateful, I would not even have the glass of champagne that is ahead of me …

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