Škoda Scala: You can replace "Škoda"

With the new Scala, Škoda has a special offer. The name of your choice will be replaced by the name of the Skoda maker at the top of the shoe. But he has its borders.

When you are looking at the back of the new Škoda Scala, two texts cannot be lost. The first name is the model name on the left hand side – that is, Scala, and the other the Škoda sign, located in the center of the tailor.

For the first time, future owners of Mladá Boleslav will be able to replace their preferred “Škoda”. New 3D printing technology will be enabled. The same limitation here is the number of the new word, which must be at least three, but no more than nine.

The new writing at the back of the vehicle will connect to the tank used by the Škoda brand. The surface of the letters will be plated in a high polish. Use of letters must be large, including diacritics, but not tongues or places.

But the whole thing has another end. It is attached only to the extended window window and is also part of Emotion and Image. The letters are attached to the glass with the help of a special call, which is according to the best glass in the dark glass. But this service also includes an unwritten tailor. The text on the back of Scala now meets the parameters above to be ordered in a model configurator. We're not sure if the day is alive. No matter what colleagues, Standa Kolman and Ondra Lilling have been drawing in a new scout in Croatia, you can certainly look forward to their ideas!

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