On Letna two prescribed penalties for guests within five minutes. Unikum, something that the Hanaks did not ask

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

An experienced guardian, Hanaka, left an Arderer to the conciliator to make a judgment for himself, and ordered the ex post penalty. With delay, he appeared to a penalty.

"As soon as you put your finger on the phones, I knew it would come back and don't take punishment. The balloon made me really affected, I didn't know where I was getting In, "Sigma did not protest against Chipcia and his hands followed by punishment and even settlement."

"This is not the first time that such a time has got a penalty," said Beneš, not even for the last three minutes in the meantime. "remember the sacrifices burnt in the Vrsovice derby."

"It is only a rule that the action has to be past," he said that his team had finally managed after the video.

Spartan Benhamin Tetteh is trying to win the league against Sigma Olomouc.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Four minutes after his first punishment, Ardelean hung a second penalty after Tetteh fell in Handa, and Hanover had lost him.

"I did not get two punches as fast as my team in post," the two beats were surprised by the Benes.

“We have a really special taste of losing two points from getting a penalty right after the first successful first. But he was foolish from Jemelka. Scholar, obviously, obviously, "that he did not oppose the coach of Hanakova Vaclav Jilek against the birth of Ardelean, without complaining that he was too large."

“There was the error. After changing the sides, we have not exhibited the exhibition in the first half, and we could not match the football features of Sparta. We didn't want to play Pilsen as he did a week ago, ie inactive, without revenge and attacking the enemy. Sparta lost our points, but when the head doesn't work, the team is worried about the successful bid, he'll discover that that was the way he was together t did, "said Olomouc coach.

Kanga decided to punish him with punishments. And he wasn't bothered because he was only five minutes between a man and the other. "I had no problem," said the successful executor.

Spartan Guélor Kanga after presenting his first punishment against Olomouc.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

"She is self-confident and emotionally positive," said Sparta Zdeněk Ščasný co-ordinator that he didn't even think for a minute he would make the message of repeating.

He did well because his team's confident campaigner in the springtime set up a success.

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