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King David. Pastrňák defended the Golden Hockey Player as the first player since 2008

Pastrňák surpbaded 49 points a year ago and became the youngest winner in the history of the survey. The third place was the same as last year's other striker David Krejci. Pastrňák's teammate from Boston stayed 34 points behind Vorakek. Europe's best player is Pavel Francouz, who defended Cheljabinsk at KHL in sixth place. Also, the NHL, the first time in the NHL, will be lucky with the Colorado

"I am glad to be among the top ten players and other people here, and I want to thank my mom, brother and grandmothers. , but without them I could not do it, it is a great honor to win this poll, and if I win for a year and a third time, I really do not know, I live day after day and everybody enjoys it. "

A starter holder of 25 kilograms weighing bronze statuettes of a hockey player from Zdeněk Němeček has finished in the NHL for the fourth season and has created new highs. In 82 games he scored 80 points for 35 goals and 45 badists. In the playoff he scored 20 points for six goals and 14 draws in [12].

Bruins had already failed in the 2nd round at Tampa Bay. After a 1: 4 defeat, Pastrnak, who signed a six-year contract with the club for $ 40 million last year, helped boost the world championship in Denmark.

Voráček, 22, led the first round of the poll, in which the representatives of the Czech Ice Hockey Association, the coaching staff, the youth selections and the clubs of the highest competition and the journalists, just before Pastrňák, voted in the five matches including an unsuccessful quarter-final. After the second, he was almost standing manko. Only voters in the third round decided on the winner

Jaromír Jágr did not get one vote. Forty-four-year-old record-holder poll with twelve championships was the culprit of an unsuccessful season in which he entered Calgary and finished her in Kladno

As the best junior he was awarded the nineteenth Martin Necas for the second time in a ceremony at Prague Karlín. Brno to defend the extra-league title. In the main poll, Nečas seventh

"In addition to a family that strongly supports me, I must very much thank Libor Zábranský, who took me to Brno, and also Martin Erat, who brought me up two seasons – – and he was my second dad, "said Nečas to the owner of the comet and leader of the team.

Alena Polenská, the attacker of Dynamo St. Petersburg and the captain of the show, was chosen as the best hockey player. Pavel Doležal from Pardubice received the award for the sledge hockey player of the season

At the ceremony, all the previous winners of the poll were invited, among the donors or in the auditorium were Patrik Eliáš, Dominik Hašek, Vladimír Martinec, Vincent Lukáč, Jiří Králík, Igor Liba, Tomáš Vokoun , Miloš Holaň, Roman Turek

Finální pololetní hodnocení Zlatá hokejka 2018
1. 19659013 David Baston Bruins (NHL) 659 2. 19659013] Jakub Voráček Philadelphia Flyers (NHL) 552
] 4. Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) 353 6. Tomas Hertl 19659013] Pavel Francouz Traktor Čeljabinsk (KHL) 334
7. as 234 9. Martin Erat HC Kometa Brno 250 19659013] 226 10. Milan Gulaš HC Škoda Plzen 199

hockey sticks that he dominated for the second time in a row ” />

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