As a result of measles in Trutnov, there are three weeks of unity

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"The curry is easy to behave among people, so people who have been in direct communication and just being as remote as possible in their home should not have enough antibodies , they must be in a single home for 21 days since the last connection with the patient, "said Veronika Krejci, spokesman for Regional Halls of Hradec Králové.

Healthcare is now doing ecological studies and its; Look for everyone who may come in with a sick patient.

The well of the disease is the only sick person. Frequent virus discharge occurs with drops, as often as air or with pollution factors. The problem is the symptoms that occur initially to flu, congestion, coughing or temperature.

"After that, most of the burner starts on the face and on the bone, the ears and the hair. Slowly spread more and more on the fuselage, the upper and lower matches. In terms of infection, it is important to have a skin breach. Those who are ill can give some infection to someone about two or four days before a lie and up to four days later, " Krejci said.

Depending on cleaners, the disease lasts for 7 to 10 days and is always at a time; need a hospital. Their vaccine is the most effective protection against that. However, people should not forget about a common ban like washing hands and hands. avoid closer engagement with people who are very ill.

Due to the measles, the ban on tours to & # 39; follow

The hospitals in Trutnov also respond to the measles. The only one in the department has still stopped stopping trips to bed wards, which published on February 2 due to rare rare illnesses. The purpose of a crusher is.

Other hospitals in the county have stopped stopping a visit. Eventually, but not only at the end of last week, they remembered the four branches of the Divisional Hospital in Naquod. On Friday, doctors could visit the divisions in Náchod, Broumov and Jaroměř, from Saturday but the ban is also not available. related to Rychnov nad Kněžnou.

According to cleaners, 1,206 patients per 100,000 residents in the region and the disease has been higher than this year. However, there is still a high number of relevant clinical issues yet. In the county, 47 people needed to be in hospital and 12 had died.

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