Cyprus killed in anti-lockdown protest, 9 detained

NICOSIA, Cyprus – A Cypriot court ordered police to detain nine people on Molotov cocktails for three days on suspicion of breaking shop fronts and stones after a rally against a regional lockdown in the coastal city of Limassol Have given.

Police said on Sunday that they arrested the 31-year-old organizer of the rally on suspicion of inciting others to commit criminal offenses.

A strict, 19-day lockdown protested after nearly 1,000 people gathered in Limassol late Saturday due to violence that prohibits all non-essential movement of people, closing bars and restaurants, and Curfew is imposed at 8 o’clock at night.

The police said that the protest was peaceful, but some people started vandalizing nearby shops and attacked the police.

Some 23 people were arrested, nine of whom were aged between 16 and 27. They face charges of rioting, vandalism and conspiracy. Three others were charged with assault and obstructing police and released them. Police said all identified protesters wearing masks and violating social disturbance rules would be fined 300 euros ($ 355).

Health officials say infections in the two southwestern districts of the country have risen from 28% to 70% of the national average in the last six weeks.


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– Second round of lockdown brings misery to Michelin rated chefs of Europe

– President elect Joe Biden strongly likes Whether to return virus lockdown

– 1 million virus cases reached in Mexico, About 100,000 deaths

– French doctors use their experience to improve the treatment of COVID-19 patients


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PARIS – The number of coronovirus patients hospitalized in France declined this weekend for the first time since September, two weeks after new nationwide lockdown measures aimed at reducing rising infections and reducing hospital stress .

According to data released Saturday night, the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care also fell for the first time in six weeks, although virus patients still occupy 96% of France’s standard ICU beds.

The number of weekly infections per 100,000 people in France has been falling for 14 straight days now, and some doctors say they are starting to see signs of relief in over-extended ICUs.

But it is too early to say whether a one-day drop in hospital numbers means that France has hurt on this second surge of epidemics.

France has reported more virus infections and 44,246 virus-related deaths than any European country. The government has begun partial lockout across the country from October 30, as another boom has begun and measures may begin to ease. December 1 if a steady decline in the number of patients with the virus is seen in hospitals.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Officials in Sri Lanka say that 400 inmates in the country’s highly congested prisons have tested positive for COVID-19 as infected cases are rising in the capital and its suburbs.

Twelve out of 400 are jail officers while the rest are prisoners. Cases are traced from five prisons in different parts of the country.

Sri Lankan jails have a crowd of over 26,000 inmates to accommodate around 10,000 inmates.

Sri Lanka has seen a new outbreak of the disease since last month when two clusters – one focused on a textile factory and the other on a fish market – emerged in Colombo and its suburbs. The confirmed cases from just those groups have increased by 13,079 people till Sunday.

Sri Lanka’s total positive cases reached 16,582, with 53 deaths on Sunday.


ANTWERP, Belgium – Many three-star Michelin meals have been put into a takeout box and sent out on Deliveroo scooters, as well-known chefs in Belgium and elsewhere try to scour through a second pandemic locker Which is also a threat to the fascinating Christmas season. .

Sergio Herman, who has run three-star, two-star and several other establishments, who have worn Michelin powers and the most sophisticated tables around the world, sees no positives to actually come out of working amid the epidemic.

“Sometimes you feel that something you’ve built over the years is slipping through your fingers like sand. It gives you this kind of fear, ”he told The Associated Press.

In most parts of Europe, exclusive restaurants have lost the precious appeal of the luxury dining experience – from eating many inventive courses, to basking in the tastes of the sommelier, to the taste of dinner desserts, and that little with the chef. C for additional chat.

“All this cannot be replaced by just a box and a plastic tray. This is impossible, ”Herman said in the Belgian port of Antwerp amid the detour of his new restaurant, Le Pristine.


NEW DELHI – There have been 41,100 new cases of coronovirus in India in the last 24 hours, taking the overall look of the country since 8.79 million.

The Health Ministry on Sunday also reported 447 deaths in the same period, taking the total fatal accidents to 129,635.

India ranks second in the world in total recorded cases behind the US, but daily infections have been on the decline since mid-September. However, there has been a resurgence of infection in New Delhi, which has seen renewed growth in recent weeks, recording more new cases than any other Indian state.

On Sunday, 7,340 new coronovirus cases, including 96 deaths, were reported in New Delhi.


SEATTLE – J. of Washington Government Inslee has held a news conference for Sunday morning as COVID-19 case numbers climb throughout the Pacific Northwest where it will reportedly expand new restrictions.

Inslee’s office said it would discuss actions to deal with the crisis, but did not provide any details. The Seattle Times reports that between Inslee’s announcements there will be a ban on indoor service in restaurants and bars and significantly reduced capacity at grocery stores and retail outlets.

The newspaper cited industry officials who were briefed by Inslee employees. The Democratic governor will also ban all indoor social gatherings. And Inslee will reportedly limit grocery stores and retailers to 25% occupancy.


Hartford, Conn. – Two US senators from Connecticut separated on Saturday after a member of the Democratic government. Ned Lamont’s staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Richard Blunthal and Chris Murphy tweeted each Saturday that they did not have close contact with staff, but were stepping up with caution.

Lamont’s chief spokesman Max Ris identified himself as a senior staff member who tested positive in a release on Twitter on Friday. Reiss wrote that he was not sure how or where he contracted the virus.

Murphy tweeted on Saturday that he attended an event with the governor yesterday, but was not in close contact with a staff member who tested positive. However, with an abundance of caution, I am falling apart until I do the test and consult the doctor’s office present in the morning. “

Blumenthal tweeted Saturday afternoon that he “has just returned from testing himself and is currently self-immolated.”


Carson City, Nev. – Nevada Gov. A record number of new confirmed cases of coronovirus have been reported for the second consecutive day amid warnings from Steve Sisolak.

Sisolak had encouraged residents to stay home and did what he could to protect himself just a day after announcing what he tested positive for COVID-19. Sisolak told reporters on Friday that he was not feeling any symptoms and would enter a quarantine.

Nevada reported 2,269 new cases and 15 additional deaths on Saturday, topping the record for 1,857 new cases set on Friday.

Sisolak warned Nevadans earlier this week that if the state fails to slow the spread of the virus within two weeks, it will be forced to reimpose drastic measures.


NEW YORK – Students, parents, and teachers are constantly eager to watch New York City’s coronavirus exam results. The latest figures fell under city limits on Saturday to close school buildings, but the mayor warned that the city was at an “important” point in fighting the virus’s resurgence.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday warned parents and teachers to plan a possible school closure as soon as possible on Monday, saying the city could cross its decisive line – the 3% coronovirus test Positives are coming across the city on weekends over a seven-day period.

He said the rate was 2.47% on Saturday.

“But that could change,” the Democratic mayor tweeted, warning that the city was facing “an important weekend” in combating the epidemic.

New York City has the largest public school system in the United States with over 1 million students. It became one of the few big cities to reopen classrooms after the epidemic forced schools online in the spring, although families had the option to continue all the learning that took place this fall.

About 280,000 students have attended in-person compared to the city originally expected.


Athens, Greece – Deaths from coronavirus have risen to over 1,000 in Greece, and officials say more than half occurred since October 18.

The Greek government has decided to close primary schools, kindergartens and day care centers for two weeks starting on Monday. Children will be schooled at home, as is already happening to high school and university students.

Authorities have imposed the curfew at 9 am – 5 pm, including arrests.

Two foreign-currency students, who hosted an hour-long party at their apartment in the northern city of Thessaloniki, were arrested on Friday and fined 3,000 euros ($ 3,550) each. A 24-year-old Palestinian male and a 21-year-old woman from France also received sentences of 2 years and two months in prison on Saturday.

His 15 party guests, all university students in Western Europe, were fined 300 euros ($ 355), but were not arrested.


BALTIMORE – The number of people testing positive for coronavirus has risen to a new daily high in the United States.

Data from Johns Hopkins University indicate the number of confirmed cases as of 184,514 on Friday, as the number of infected people continues to rise.

Data from Johns Hopkins show that a rolling average of seven days per day for virus-related deaths in the US increased from about 828 to 30 October in the last two weeks. Between 30 and 1,047 on Friday, an increase of nearly 26%

The seven-day rolling positivity rate also increased from 6.4 in the past two weeks to 9.6, an increase of nearly 50%, even increasing the number of tests performed.


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