‘Cyberpunk 2077’ update introduces game-breaking bug

Cyberpunk 2077 The 1.1 update was scheduled to lead the troubled game to redemption. Instead, it has come with its own set of problems. Per Eurogamer, Players have added a game-breaking bug Cyberpunk of 2077 “Down on the Street” Search. To pursue the mission, your character should receive a call from an NPC named Goro Takemura (picture above). Unfortunately, as things stand, Takemura will call V, but will not say anything, which will prevent you from pursuing the quest, and subsequently the main story.

CDPR said it is working on a hotfix to address plans to release “as soon as possible”. We will update this article after it goes live. Meanwhile, the studio has shared an issue you can use to bypass the problem, but you’ll need to save in advance. As you might think, Takemura Bug 1.1 is one of the reasons it has not gone down well Cyberpunk 2077 Players. When CDPR broadened its schedule of updates earlier in the month, it said the game’s upcoming 1.2 update would include more significant improvements and improvements.

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