Cyberpunk 2077 easter eggs feel more like marketing

Cyberpunk 2077 has a familiar motorcycle available for purchase called the Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X. After attaining the credit level of a road of 12 in Westbrook district, you can get it from Fixer Wakoko Okada, and it will cost you 22,000 feet.

Even at a glance its attractive red chassis, the 1988 anime classic Akira can’t help but leap the mind of anyone familiar with it, yet Kusanagi isn’t treated to the same finesse That videogames usually carry such references to the real world. It is mounted on several parts of the pre-release screenshots and the option to purchase it has been pushed to your phone, as with many of Cyberpunk’s original in-universe vehicles. Instead of making a seminal piece of a dystopian anime a subtle node, CD Projek Red placed it front and center. This is exactly what the so-called ‘Easter Egg’ of Cyberpunk 2077 is, and it’s weird.

The use of the term ‘Easter egg’ to describe mysteries in games was popularized by Steve Wright of Atari in 1980, when programmer Warren Robinett hid his credit in Adventure. Traditionally they have been very difficult to find, having been snatched up by developers either in terms of the things they love or are unaware of their higher-ups, meaning they often share a personal or intimate touch Huh. Many intentionally break the fourth wall and talk directly to the players.

From finding John Romero’s head in Doom 2 to signing a bridge in GTA San Andreas that reads, “There are no Easter eggs here, go away”, they search for us to share with their friends Give special moments. Some players enjoy hunting them so much that the entire community has gathered to track down the ultimate secrets of a game, even the one they created, the never-ending hunt for San Andreas’ Bigfoot Like, which has been emphasized by the developer.

Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Eggs has none of these qualities. Even conclusions that take you in double excitement just feel Is closed. Whether it’s making a cameo smack-bang in the middle of Hideo Kojima Konpoki Plaza, or a Batmobile-like vehicle hidden in a cave next to Vidya about a superhero, these references don’t deliver to the knowledgeable, authentic, intuitive developer Let’s do a player wink which is the essence of an Easter egg. they think Planned out, Every bit as unbroken neon buildings as part of the world that tilted the horizon, and not in comparison to tertiary features that we only discover whether we are lucky or hardworking.

Cyberpunk is remodeling Easter eggs for the social media era

From motorbikes to elaborate characters with many lines of dialogues, the work required to add these references means they are meant to be seen, which evokes this strange sense of stolen heroism – calling them Easter Eggs Iron Man Seems as abusive as calling her skin. Fortnite a ‘micro’ node to Marvel Avengers. This is to say that they are not meaningful additions, but rather that they are not eggs in the traditional sense. They engage in effortlessly crafted encounters that serve a singular purpose: to keep the conversation going.

There is certainly no shortage of discussion about Cyberpunk 2077, and while some of it was certainly not intended – the latest talking CD Projek Red’s response is in a second class-action lawsuit – it’s all us Serves to keep talking about the game. Cyberpunk is not a service game, and while it will receive DLC, it is not suited for such expansion, such as, a strategy game, where new factions can slot in easily. It is an epic single-player RPG, built at a huge expense, and CDPR needs to keep this in our minds. Until that time, Cyberpunk is at the forefront of remodeling Easter eggs for the social media era.

Night city view from a terrace at cyberpunk 2077 at night

There are famous influencers in the form of in-game advertising and even search divers; The portal’s GLaDOS voices an AI character in search of a side complete with a ‘cake is gone cake’ line; And you can throw ‘prize the sun’ emote in photo mode. Half-Life 3, Demolition Man, The Witcher 3, We Can Walk. These references may raise a smile, but they are just as unfounded as billboard advertising, and they come at the expense of authenticity.

Assuming that the street preacher outside V’s apartment block is played by a famous dreamer, you immediately dismiss the character altogether. This is not a person, thinking about his real thoughts and feelings about cyberware, that is kohkarnage. Cyberpunk 2077 is a metaphysical Swiss thing: structurally compromised by many spectacular portals to the real world.

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While negotiations are ongoing, we inevitably saw the highest expression of this strategy at launch. The 2077 release of Cyberpunk was built around the fear of disappearing, and within hours of leaving exploded on social media in the game-play context of everything from The Office to Blade Runner. From the outside, Cyberpunk looked like it would be packed with pop culture secrets to find, but they were barely able to see the in-game. Perhaps this is a glimpse at the future of Easter eggs: Fortnite-esque erosion of the integrity of marketing, mimes, and even single-player gaming universes.

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