Customer leaves ‘Kovid is useless!’ Message and $ 1,400 tip at a Colorado restaurant

Nachya Khamtvelva, owner of Notchtop Bakery & Cafe, says the patron, who she only identified as David, came to her Eggs Park eatery on Wednesday for some eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits and gravy.

When it came time to pay the $ 20.04 check, David asked his server how many people were working that day.

He left a $ 1,400 tip with instructions to pay $ 200 to each of the seven employees.

“It really brought tears to all the servers [and] Chefs – You know, nobody ever thinks of cooks – the chefs were just so shocked and shocked. We were all surprised, “Khamtveliva said. We thanked him, but I felt like we didn’t do enough of it.”

She said that David lives in the area, but this was the second time he had gone to the restaurant.

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Gloria Fuentes waited on David to appear both times and told CNN affiliate KMGH that she couldn’t believe it when she saw the bill.

“I felt like ‘Oh my God, am I dreaming or what’s going on?”

Another server told KMGH that the money would help his family immensely.

“It’s $ 200 for me, but it’s also $ 200 for my husband. It’s also $ 200 for my daughters, the things we needed to make it,” Jayme Johnson said.

Khamitalveva never closed the restaurant that ran for nearly 10 years due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, but said business was tough. Last year’s wildfire also added to the challenge.

He said that he is able to give hours to all his employees and also got PPP loan.

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Annes Park is about 70 miles outside of Denver, and Khamtvelieva says she does a lot of business from out-of-state tourists in the summer.

She said that many of those customers have purchased gift cards to support the restaurant, as they have not been able to come in person.

“I want to thank everyone who really feels for small businesses and people have been very grateful and kind and nice. They have a big heart, especially David,” she said.


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