Curse Of The Dead Gods Leaves Early Access

Curse Of The Dead Gods is a rogue-type dungeon crawler that I’ve been hanging around for a while. It has a similar aesthetic to Darkest Dungeon, but instead of turn-based combat, it throws players into Hades-like top-down slash and hack action, a combo I’m really looking forward to trying. It was in early access for just under a year and was released in its entirety today. It looks dark and punishing and really very good.

In Curse Of The Dead Gods, you play as a guy who is exploring a horrible and deadly temple for exactly the reasons you expected: money, power, and eternal life. Like many roguelikes, you will collect relics and weapons to help you cut through hordes of enemies and eventually kill some gods. All in one day of work.

One of the main tricks of the game (which is very similar to Darkest Dungeon) is that you will have a lot more fun fighting monsters while in the light. You have a torch that you can use to light up a room to spot traps and enemies, as well as braziers of light scattered throughout the dungeon. You’ll want to do that too, because not only will you take more damage in the dark, but you’ll increase your Corruption level, which is where the “curse” part of the title comes in.

Fill your corruption bar and you will receive a curse. These aren’t all bad though – curses generally give a downside and upside (like opening chests gives you more gold, but it also increases your Corruption), so chilling in the dark for a while isn’t the end of the world .

Honestly, the only reason I didn’t pick it up in early access earlier is because I know how many hours I spent obsessing over Hades and Darkest Dungeon. But you know what? I think now I’m a life-consuming roguelike.

The game was developed by Passtech Games, who you might recognize as the creators of Space Run and Masters Of Anima, and published by Focus Home Interactive.

Curse Of The Dead Gods is available now for PC via Steam at a price of £ 18 / $ 20 / € 20 (although there is a 10% launch discount until March 2). It is also available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbone.

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