Curry – LeBron, the Lakers will regroup & # 39; the next season

LOS ANGELES – Stephen Curry was in his second season in the NBA the last time LeBron James did not play in an NBA Final. So with James losing the playoffs for the first time since the 2004-05 season with the Los Angeles Lakers eliminated from contention, Curry and the Golden State Warriors will see something in this postseason that the NBA has not experienced in 14 seasons.

"It's different, but what is it? [Eight] The direct endings to which it went? "Curry said in the morning session of the Warriors before facing the Lakers for the last time this season." I'm sure it's a different experience for him, for better or for worse. "

After facing James in the last four NBA finals, Curry hopes James will "regroup" with the Lakers next season.

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"Obviously, the rest of the league continues, many talents, many great stories, people chasing championships," said Curry. "But he's had an amazing career, pretty sure he'll be able to restart for next year and regroup. [with James not in the postseason]. "

Curry will not face James one last time this season, with the Lakers star closing to let the groin injury he suffered on Christmas Day against the Warriors be completely healed. But Curry will see his former badistant and current Lakers coach, Luke Walton, once again. The Warriors star said that no matter what happens to Walton's future after this season, any team will be "lucky" to have him as their head coach.

"All the injuries they had and the expectations that came with the fact that LeBron James joined his team goes through the roof," Curry said of the Lakers' disappointing season. "But it's all a process, this league is tough, man, it's hard to win basketball games no matter who you have on your team, I think the way you kept your presence on the sidelines, the games and your body language. One side, the way they might not be winning games now, but the team is playing hard … I'm sure they appreciate its consistency.

"We sincerely wish the best for him in terms of the future because who knows what will happen," Curry added. "But he's a great coach, anyone would be lucky to have him in charge of the team."

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