Curiosity Rover found evidence of ancient megafloods on Mars

They believe that the flooding was caused by the impact of a large meteorite that generated enough heat to melt huge amounts of ice on the planet. The event released carbon dioxide and methane, which were briefly mixed with water vapor to create a warm and wet climate. This caused torrential rain all over the planet, and water (along with sediment) that slipped from Mt. There was a severe flood in the Gayle crater. So, what does this mean?

As you most likely know, the presence of water can mean the presence of life. This is why NASA and other space agencies are trying to find evidence of water on other celestial bodies in our solar system. “The planets were the prerequisites to support the presence of liquid water on the planet’s surface – and on Earth, where there is water, there is life,” Fair explained. After landing on the surface of Mars in February 2019, it is now the job of a persistence rover to find evidence of ancient life on our planetary neighbor.

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