‘Cure’ for ageing is not far off, cryonicists declare


Citizens of Russia, the US, Japan, Australia and Europe have chosen to have their bodies or heads frozen in the hope ...


Citizens of Russia, the US, Japan, Australia and Europe have chosen to have their our bodies or heads frozen within the hope that they may sooner or later be “revived and satisfactorily cured”.

In a snowy village of run-down cottages outdoors Russia’s capital, a pair of vacuum-sealed fibreglbad and resin tanks in a shed are taking 30 human our bodies and 25 heads and brains on a journey into an everlasting future.

It was two levels under freezing on a latest afternoon on the outskirts of Sergiev Posad, however inside the 2 “cryostats” of liquid nitrogen it was a lot colder, -196C to be actual.

There, quite a few intrepid “cryopatients”, who earlier than their deaths have been residents of Russia, the United States, Japan, Australia, and throughout Europe, will probably be frozen till we work out how they are often “revived and satisfactorily cured”.

"Cryostats" at KrioRus's facility outside Moscow.


“Cryostats” at KrioRus’s facility outdoors Moscow.

That’s based on KrioRus, the one firm outdoors the US engaged in cryonics, the low-temperature preservation of people and animals for future resurrection. The final objective is everlasting life.

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“From the biophysical point of view, time has stopped for them,” stated Igor Artyukhov, KrioRus’s chief scientist, as he patted one of many tanks. “No chemical processes are going on. They could last for 2000 years.”

Like most cryonicists, Artyukhov, a retired medical knowledge engineer, would not badume it’s going to take that lengthy for science to beat ageing and sickness, perhaps only some many years.

For those that die too quickly, there’s vitrification. Cryonicists obtain a cadaver on ice, reduce open the arteries and change the blood with a cryoprotector answer, which does not kind ice crystals because the physique is cooled and hung by its toes within the cryostat.

“Cryonics is a plan B for those who want to live forever and reach times when we can do whatever we want,” he stated.

On Thursday (Friday NZ time), KrioRus launched a cryptocurrency providing to lift cash for a brand new cryonics centre. The firm needs to open it in a former navy bunker in a collapse Switzerland, the place euthanasia is authorized, which means it might doubtlessly keep away from the last-minute rush to place a physique on ice and transport it to the place vitrification will probably be completed.

Two British males and one lady are among the many 200-plus individuals who have signed contracts to be preserved by KrioRus upon their dying.

Few share their optimism. Most docs and scientists are sceptical that frozen our bodies will be revived.

KrioRus head Valeriya Udalova stated income are reinvested into the corporate and costs are decrease than the US, solely US$36,000 (NZ$51,926) for a physique and US$12,000 for a head.

The University of Minnesota researchers in March stated silica-coated iron nanoparticles had allowed them to thaw frozen pig coronary heart valves with out injury. Freezing and thawing total human organs, nevertheless, which might mbadively develop the supply of transplants, continues to be a good distance off.

 – The Telegraph, London

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