Cure addiction to your smartphone with & # 39; Replace Phones & # 39;


  Substitute phones

These "phones" will not notify you at all.

Leonhard Hilzensauer

If you suffer from separation anxiety when you are away from your phone, then you will find comfort in "Substitute Phones", a work of art by the Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger. Think of nicotine gum for smart phone addicts.

Schillinger designed "Substitute Phones" for an autumn exhibition already concluded in Vienna called "Offline – Design for the (Good Old) Real World", which confronts our obsession with the internet and if it is desirable to disconnect from technology.

"Substitute telephones" have something in common with turning devices and other devices intended to keep agitated fingers occupied. The disconnected devices are made of heavy plastic to reproduce the sensation of a real telephone, but they do not have screens or electronic components.

Each "Substitute Telephone" is embedded with a series of round marble stones that move when you run your finger over them. Sliding movements are familiar, but there are no notifications, messages or calls to divert your attention from real life.

Schillinger told Dezeen last week that he created fake phones with the idea of ​​helping people stop compulsively controlling their smartphones.

"This tranquilizing limitation offers help for smart phone addicts to cope with withdrawal symptoms, the object is a therapeutic approach," writes Schillinger on his website.

For now, their phones are not for sale. But keep looking online to see if that changes. It's a joke.

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