Cuphead gets a creepy stop-motion trailer to announce the surprise PS4 launch

CupheadThe Hard-Ace-Nails run-and-gun platform game, coming to PlayStation 4 today. Studio MDHR announced Cuphead and Rogue King Dice with a fun (and kind of creepy) stop-motion trailer on Sony’s console.

Cuphead It was already famous for its hand-drawn art style that made it feel like a 1930s cartoon. But the new trailer put two of the game’s most iconic characters into a whole new genre of animation inspired by the 1933 experimental short Peanut Dealer, Studio MDHR co-director Chad Moldnahr said in a PlayStation blog post.

Studio MDHR worked with the Toronto-based Studio Stop Motion Department, according to Moldenhair, and they “went the extra mile to make sure they were stopping themselves with multiple technologies.”

The film itself was animated without the help of computer programs that allow modern stop motion animators to preview their shots and correct errors. Instead, Philip [Eddolls] And ivan [DeRushie] Limit yourself to drawn charts and metal gauges to record each puppet’s position before they reach their next position. This “Stop Do Your Best and See What Happens” limitations of early stop motion productions.

Finally, the whole thing was filmed using an actual lens known as the “C Mount” lens from the 1930s, which blown away the footage and gave it a deliberate vintage look. Each shot was used as it is, with no corrective editing or composing, meaning that if you look enough, you’ll see support and other animation tools in the background.

I would say that the original miniature is a lot more volatile than it is today Cuphead Trailer, but you should watch the video to judge yourself.

Cuphead It was first launched on Xbox and PC in 2017 and made its way into the Nintendo Switch last year.

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