Cuomo presses NYC to clean up its work with the help of the National Act

Andrew Cuomo threatened state funding to New York City if it did not increase efforts to curb crime and clean up garbage in the midst of an epidemic, even offering to help the National Guard is.

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The tall order of the state’s Democratic governor was announced at a press conference on Tuesday, where Cuomo expressed concern about gun violence and an increase in crime, taking a swipe at city mayor Bill de Blasio without specifically naming him.

“The crime problem in New York City is real. Daniels is not an option,” Cuomo said, adding that “if the jurisdictions do not resolve police / community issues and redefine public safety,” he will help. Allocated city funds will be stripped. With recovery efforts due to coronavirus epidemics.

The warnings unveiled on Tuesday are part of a larger initiative called the “New York City Stabilization and Recovery Program.”

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Cuomo said the state is closely monitoring revival of COVID-19 cases in nine neighborhoods, particularly around South Brooklyn and Queens, and said it would close schools – which again this week Opened – if necessary.

He is hoping that the plan will specifically address rising crime rates while reducing tensions between communities with large African-American and Hispanic populations and law enforcement.

“Why is every 911 answer given to a person with a gun? Why is the only answer to a 911? What causes an arrest? What happens if it’s a substance abuse issue? What if it’s a mental health topic is?” Cuomo said.

Nevertheless, according to the New York Police Department, daylight increased twice as much during May and July compared to the same period last year, and general shootings in July increased 177% compared to the last days of July – a trend de Blasio Is associated with the economic impact of coronovirus. Epidemic and the lack of a federal stimulus package.

“We have a problem in New York City when it comes to crime. It really is,” Cuomo said last week, noting that New York City was “shootout with victims” 103%. “It’s not going to get better on its own.”

Cuomo acknowledged growing concern around the spike in crime, but raised slogans to keep the city clean and homeless as well as not doing more to govern.

“I don’t know what’s going on in New York City. If they can’t do that, I’ve offered to send it to the National Guard to pick up the trash,” Cuomo said. “This is a public health epidemic. Cleanliness matters.”

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Fox News’ Audrey Conklin contributed to this report.

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