Cuomo fears summer parties will promote community dissemination of COVID-19

Andrew Cuomo and Safolk County officials expressed alarm on Tuesday that summer parties are contributing to the spread of coronovirus.

Governors and Safolk officials said the July 4 party attendees in Holtsville contracted COVID-19 from another participant, who was infected, a type of spread that could trigger a large cluster in the community.

“Here is a true story of how COVID can spread quickly. At the July 4 party in Suffolk County, at least one person was positive. Since the party, 35% of the participating have tested positive for COVID, ”Cuomo tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

“It only takes one person to a party. Wear a mask and be smart. “

But Suffolk officials later said Cuomo surpassed the infection rate.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone says four out of 18 attendees contracted COVID-19 with an infection rate of 22 percent, not 35 percent.

Bellone said state officials came to a figure of 35 percent using preliminary data for three other party-goers who were being investigated, but whose test results eventually turned out to be negative.

The governor’s office later clarified that a low percentage of partybars were infected in Holtsville.

“If we are not smart, if we do not wear masks and socially distance, then matters will increase. Cuomo also said in a press release, “Nobody wants to go to hell which we experienced three months ago, so please be cautious.”

Cuomo said he is worried that a second wave of COVID-19 will hit visitors from New York, who are coming from other hot-spot states where the killer bug is raging.

On Tuesday, he expanded a travel advisory that would require visitors from four other states – New Mexico, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin – to quarantine for 14 days when they arrive in New York, to a total of 22 states Let’s cover under edit.