Cuomo CNN, MSNBC mocked for claiming ‘incompetent government kills people’

Embracing the New York government, Andrew Kyomo said in CNN and MSNBC interviews that the “incompetent government” was responsible for COVID deaths in his state.

Cuomo, in a friendly interview with MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace on Tuesday, claimed for the first time that former President Donald Trump and an incompetent federal response were to blame. Critics increasingly noted and asked whether the decision to allow covoid-positive patients into nursing homes could also be a factor.


Cuomo said, “This state, I’m proud of what New Yorkers have done. We were ambushed like any other state, Nicole and then, it was from federal incompetence.”

“Incompetent government kills people. Too many people die to die in COVID. That’s the truth.”

While Cuomo was attempting to blame the Trump administration, his remarks on social media were swiftly mocked as many reported that many of New York’s coronovirus-related deaths occurred after the state’s controversial March 2020 decision when a directive Was issued in which nursing was required home to accept COVID positive patients released from hospitals.

The directive was overturned in May, when Cuomo said hospitals could not send patients back to nursing homes until they have tested negative. In the months that followed, Cuomo regularly took the heat on the decision, though largely receiving a pass from the likes of CNN and MSNBC.

As reported by the Associated Press, in late summer, there were 6,600 deaths on nursing home properties. Fox News’ Janice Dean, who has been an outspoken critic of the epidemic’s reaction to her in-laws after she died of the virus at different large care facilities in New York, slammed the governor for his lack of self-awareness.

“He’s right. Too bad he doesn’t feel like he’s talking about himself,” Dean tweeted.

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Later on Tuesday, Cuomo appeared on Liberal CNN, the network that is home to his younger brother Chris Cuomo, and the “incompetent government” is doing the same thing about killing people.

“Look, incompetent government can kill people, that’s no joke, and more people died here than needed,” Cuomo told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Many people took to Twitter to talk about Cuomo:

JANICE DEAN: Coronavier’s my in-law is his life. Governor Kumo, our famous love is brought up

Cuomo saw widespread widespread criticism, as he was named more prominently and specifically Trump by MSBC’s Stephanie Ruhle on Wednesday morning to discuss plans to expand the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in New York.

“The Trump administration announced eligibility, 65-plus, so you take a state like New York, which is seven million people, who are eligible for the vaccine, 65-plus, healthcare workers, essential workers, etc. Seven million people . We got 250,000. Dose per week, “Cuomo said. “So they created a tremendous supply and demand debacle.”

Ruhle asked how long it would take to vaccinate the entire imperial state if supply was not an issue. Cuomo again reprimanded the Trump administration, stating that the former president had not ordered adequate doses in the first place.

None of the interviewees asked Cuomo about the nursing home decision or pushed back on Cuomo’s statement blaming the Trump administration.

Cuomo has emerged as the protagonist of the liberal media during the epidemic, and has also written a book and won an Emmy Award since her coronovirus ravaged her kingdom. Last year, the Cuomo siblings were often criticized when the governor regularly appeared on his younger brother’s CNN show, but often joked and focused on important issues related to the coronovirus rather than each other. Used to tease

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Cuomo’s favorable treatment has been contrasted with that of mainstream media Republican Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, often responsible for dealing with his state’s virus.

Fox News’ Britney D. Lee contributed to this report.

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