Cuccinelli will lead the initiative to take on the broad election bill HR 1 from the Democrats

In his post-Trump days, Ken Cuccinelli is taking an initiative to restore confidence in electoral systems and generate opposition to the Democrats’ broad HR 1 election bill.

On Monday, each and every Democrat in the House of Representatives signed HR 1, called the People’s Law. Announced as a way to expand voting rights, the legislation includes everything from a resolution on DC status to automatic voter registration. Republicans have said the bill amounts to a “federal government takeover” of the election law.

Cuccinelli, a former undersecretary for homeland security, is partnering with Susan B. Anthony List and the American Principles Project on the campaign and will chair the Electoral Transparency Initiative. The effort, led by social conservatives, has a starting war chest of $ 5 million.

Cuccinelli said his goal was “to act quickly to defeat the efforts of the Democrats in Washington to federalize election laws through HR1, while also striking at the state level to rally the rank and file around meaningful reforms.”

“The pro-life movement must engage in electoral transparency and integrity reform, or its ability to elect pro-life and pro-family legislators – and pass laws that save lives – will be greatly diminished, if not extinguished,” he said the former Trump official. and the former Virginia attorney general said.

The group plans to mount a defense of Senate obstructionism and current Senate rules of the reconciliation process and mobilize rank and file on battlefields like West Virginia, Arizona and Montana, to convince those senators to oppose HR 1. The initiative will also promote state electoral reforms.


HR 1 is expected to hit the House floor in the first week of March.

The legislation would create an automatic voter registry nationwide and ensure that those serving felony sentences regain their voting rights. The bill will also expand early voting and improve absentee voting by simplifying voting by mail.

But potentially the most controversial measure in the bill commits Congress to meeting the status of Washington, DC. It also prohibits purges of the voter roll and “ends partisan manipulation to prevent politicians from choosing their voters.”

Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Has called it a “Democratic Politician Protection Act.” Republicans argue that statehood in DC is a safe bet for two more Democratic senators.

The bill also seeks to “end the dominance of big money in our policies” and aims to shed “light on dark money in politics” by improving the dissemination of political ads online and by requiring all organizations involved in political activity revealed by its major donors.


The bill also “breaks the so-called ‘nesting doll’ farce that allows large taxpayers and special interests to hide the true source of funding for their political spending” by donating to another group to buy a political ad. And it says it “strengthens the political power of working Americans by creating a multi-match system for small donations.”

The matching system “will be paid in full with a new surcharge to corporate law breakers and wealthy tax scammers,” according to the bill.


The bill also, in a coup against former President Trump, requires presidents to disclose their tax returns, something Trump managed to avoid while in office.

Brooke Singman of Fox News contributed to this report.

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