Cubs take quick: Alec Mills Iges Opening Test, JV Bays Powers Up to Season

Can Major League Baseball cancel a team season and still end a viable league season with the rest of the teams? What about canceling the season of two teams?

Cubs may want to know, among others.

In fact, they can find out as soon as possible.

Because less than a week into a scheduled two-month season in the midst of an epidemic, the Miami Marlins are also taxing their expanded player pool with an outbreak of the last three days, with at least 15 positives between players and two COVID-19 tests include more between coaches.

His season has been suspended through Sunday. And because they were in Philadelphia when it happened, Philly’s game was also postponed through Friday as the Phils await partial incubation periods and daily test results.

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“It raises questions,” veteran Cubs pitcher John Lester said. “We are concerned about security and protocol. We just have to keep believing what we are doing and hope that we are doing the right thing. “

That’s the point. The Cubs are the only team without positive tests among players since the intake test began a month ago. They look almost as good on the field as they have managed to get away from it.

And it does not matter, which depends on what happens elsewhere in the league.

“I think we all knew that was going to come,” Lester said. “There are a lot of questions and a lot of questions. Hopefully, this is just a small setback and we can continue to move forward. “

If not, Whats-IFS begins to include questions such as, “How many Marlins does it take to spoil a baseline season?” – Or at least to make a valid big league roster.

For now, MLB is being pressured, despite what some consider a “nightmare” scenario for the league in Miami.

“I don’t class it as a nightmare,” baseball commissioner Rob Manfred told the MLB Network on Monday. “We continued the protocol which allowed us to continue playing. So we have expanded the roster. So we have a pool of additional players. And we think we can keep people safe and keep playing. “

As for whether there is a critical-collective level within the league or within a team that could lead to a shutdown, Manfred said, “There are definitely both. A team that lost many players, which made it completely non-competitive, would be an issue that we would have to address and think about making changes – whether it was closing a part of the season, throughout Season, which depends on the circumstances.

“The same thing in relation to the broader issue,” Manfred said. “You elaborate at a certain point, where it becomes a health hazard and we’ll certainly close it at that point.”

Does this mean that a deteriorating scenario in Miami could lead to a team being shut down and the league season continuing? He is at least unclear. It is clearly not included in the 101-page Operations Manual prepared by the League and the Union.

Ian Happ, the player of the curse for the union, said on Monday after speaking with the union about the Miami outbreak that he had not heard any conversation involving any scenario involving one or more teams being shut down and playing will continue.

And what if it wasn’t the Marlins? What if it was the Yankees? Or dodgers? Or another anticipated championship contender from a major market?

Manfred said he remains “optimistic”, anticipating positive tests and that he thinks the security protocols would be strong enough to continue.

Is it worth it, some Cubs are optimistic, too – because Miami is frightened.

“I think we’ll be able to finish the season because it could be a wakeup call, which we need to strengthen and keep going on these protocols,” said Steven Souza Jr., president of the Cubs organization. “Because if we can, it is a big lift not only for every organization and city, but for the country.

“You can’t think selfish right now,” Souza said. “And I know it’s tough for us by nature. But we have to keep in mind the teams that we don’t like because we play against them, [consider] the fact that [not staying disciplined] Can ruin it for everyone. “

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Souza’s teammate Chris Bryant took extra caution Monday during the Cubs’ first road game – against a team that placed two players on COVID-19 IL over the weekend – masks each time he reaches base in the game. By applying.

But if the Marlins have taught the Cubs anything, it is that their true coronavirus record will only take the league as far as other teams allow.

This week on Good Morning America, the country’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Marlins, about a major outbreak. Anthony Fauci said, “This could put it in danger.” “I don’t think they will need to stop, but we just need to follow it and see what happens to other teams on a day to day basis.”

Lester said: “It’s a little scary, but you have to really try to trust in the process and believe in the protocol that we have.”

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