Cubs-Marlin game two officially postponed for tomorrow

Today the threat of inclement weather throughout the day, combined – I agree – with a priority that players and staff sit together for six, eight, ten hours or whatever, means that today’s Cubs-Marlins game. Not going to happen today.

I’m gobsmacked, but that’s the report (See updates below for confirmation and more information):

We will get more information soon, I hope, but everyone who is looking at radars and forecasts is seeing the same thing:

If the game is actually postponed, it is possible that they will bump it up tomorrow, and then play a deciding game on Saturday, if necessary (no other games are scheduled for this weekend). I don’t think we’re going to see a playoff doublehead tomorrow.

Update: It is official. Wow. No games today. This one is pushed to tomorrow at 1 pm CT, and then Game Three, if necessary, is on Saturday with a time TBA, Per Jessie Rogers. Note that if the Cubs-Marlins are left on schedule only tomorrow, it will be at 6 pm CT. Either way, the game will be on ABC.

As best I can understand, MLB was very quick to pull the trigger on this as a lot of flexibility has been built into the schedule between these wild card series and the NLDS. It is very easy to stop the risk of rain today by tomorrow.

What does this mean for the Cubs, you just hope that Yu Darvish’s routine isn’t thrown too badly (he’ll still be in the queue to pick up one of the NLDS’s two if the Cubs get there, then someone no worry). At least now, however, he will not pitch a few innings, sit for rain delays, and then perhaps not be able to return (or struggle because of it).

The Marlins get one more day for Sterling Marty to rest his fractured pinky and try to play (she was scheduled to be out today).

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