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How and why, the most searched in Google in 2017

This 2017 that has ended has been a year full of notorious facts and as far as the internet is concerned, was the year of asking us the 'how' of many things .

In a video compilation like the one that we see next, Google shows the main searches of 2017 related to the word star: 'how'. While it is true that they are issues that can be done at any time, in this year in particular these searches were searched up to 10 times more than in previous years .

How far can the North Korean missiles arrive? How expensive will the wall ? How do hurricanes form? How to help the ] refugees Syria Puerto Rico, Mexico Las Vegas ?, How to make a protest ?, How Make a Difference? These were just some of the most sought after concerns in a year marked by natural disasters, political decisions or terrorism. In these moments as in others our collective sense of humanity shone more than ever when looking for "how to help" .

All in all, the searches are also a sample of what we have enjoyed and celebrated around the world . "Despacito" made you dance … and also look for what it meant. When it comes to vocabulary, we have searched for terms like "tfw" or "ofc".

What were the terms that marked a global trend?

The first place is headed by " Hurricane Irma ", which shocked everyone and " Iphone " with his last two devices, the "8" and the "X" complete the podium.

Relevant characters such as the NBC comedian " Matt Lauer ", accused of badual misconduct, or " Meghan Markle " the actress of suits who has conquered Prince Harry.

Bulling is a topic that has been very hot and proof of this is the presence in this list of the series " 13 Reasons Why ".

In relation to the world of music, two have been the most noticeable losses: the composer and singer " Tom Petty " and " Chester Bennington " vocalist of Linking Park.

And in relation to leisure, culture, sports and leisure time? We will not deny that we have been surprised but the " Fidget Spinner ", that spinning toy, and the " Indian National Cricket Team " complete this top ten.

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