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Crowdfunded Horror Game & # 39; Agony & # 39; PC version will have an optional patch to eliminate censorship

Some sections of the crowdfighting horror game "Agony" will be toned down to evade a Single Adult rating from the ESRB. The developer Madmind Studio, however, will release an optional patch to eliminate censorship of the PC version. ( Madmind Studio | Steam )

The PC version of Agony will include an optional patch to eliminate censorship, which was necessary so that you do not get an adult-only rating of the ESRB.

Agony is a horror game of crowdfunding with violence, torture and nudity, which promises "the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of video games." The optional PC patch, however, will apparently unleash even more nightmares.

The reason for the censorship of & # 39; agony & # 39;

On the Kickstarter page of Agony developer Madmind Studio claims that the survival horror in the video game industry "has become a bit rusty," with the genre taking too much of the action games.

"It's time to go back to the roots of horror and open our minds to something new," the developer wrote. Madmind Studio took the same approach when making a horror game like Capcom, when it brought the franchise Resident Evil to its roots with Resident Evil 7 .

Agony is certainly not for the faint of heart. The game is so horrible that Madmind Studio, in conversations with rating companies like ESRB, had to tone down some sections to get a Maturity rating. In its original state, it would have obtained an Adults Only rating, which would mean that the game would not be allowed to be sold on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What will The Agony & PC Patch Do do? [19659005] "To be able to publish the game, we had to make some compromises," said Madmind Studio in an update of the page Agony Kickstarter. However, in that same publication, the developer said he was preparing a special and optional patch for the PC version that will eliminate all the censorship needed to launch a version of the game on the consoles.

Exactly what the PC patch will change, however, has not been revealed by Madmind Studio. According to the developer, this is to avoid possible spoilers. However, he noted that all the elements that have been seen so far in the promotional materials for Agony including game videos, trailers and screenshots will not be censored.

Are you ready for & # 39; Agony & # 39 ;? ?

Agony was supposed to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 30. However, the launch of the game has been delayed while Madmind Studio deals with the age ratings of the title with the ESRB and other agencies.

Agony is still expected to be released within the year. Meanwhile, Madmind Studio said that Kickstarter sponsors who ordered the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be able to exchange their copies for the PC version, if they want access to the patch that eliminates censorship.

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