Croatia earthquake of 6.3 magnitude

The quake struck the Balkan country at 12:20 pm local time (6:20 pm ET), and its quake center was 44 kilometers (27 mi) from the capital Zagreb, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC). Was located

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The EMSC said it was the largest earthquake in Croatia so far this year, adding it “could cause significant damage at close distances.”

Hina reported that Darinko Dumbovic, the mayor of the central Croatian city of Petrinja, demanded immediate emergency assistance, saying that “half the city has been destroyed.”

City photos showed a collapsing roof of a building and a crushed car from falling debris.

Dambović described scenes of “terror” after the setback during an interview with CNN’s Croatian affiliate N1. “There is panic, people are searching for their loved ones,” he said.

A person walks on the wreck in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

“We are getting people out of cars, we don’t know if people have been killed or injured. I have heard a kindergarten has collapsed, but fortunately there were no children, while the children ran into each other. Were able to, “” added the mayor.

Croatia’s Prime Minister Lady Plankovic posted a tweet stating that she is en route to Petrinja.

“We have mobilized all available services to help people and cleaned all the broken parts,” the PM said.

Reuters reported that the earthquake could be felt as far away as Zagreb. Photographs obtained from the capital showed broken roof tiles, bricks and other debris.


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