Criticizing Chrissy Teigen’s visit to the Biden inauguration, the star replied: ‘Not my fault’

Chrissy Teigen is speaking.

The 35-year-old cookbook author traveled to Washington DC for Wednesday’s presidential inauguration ceremony, which saw Joe Biden as the President of the United States.

Not only was Teigen a vocal supporter of Biden during her presidency, but her husband John Legend is also set to perform during the “Celebrating America” ​​television special on Wednesday night.

Ahead of his visit to the Capitol, Teagan shared a photo of his 2-year-old son Miles, who was standing in his suitcase on social media.

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“My baby pushed his first fat lip down his car into the driveway,” She wrote. “Still happy packing for the opening though!”

A Twitter user “Chrissy’s Court” was not happy with the star’s message, however, and that response was removed, which has since been deleted.

“Hey Chrissy DC residents are not very ‘happy’ right now and can’t even ‘Happy Pack’ their packs of joy because to drive to the grocery store in the city’s military state, but yes LOL especially down in an epidemic.” Come, “according to Buzzfeed, the social media user wrote. “How Happy !!!”

The tweet was in the context of enhanced security in the city, which was set up after the capital riots earlier this month.

Additionally, traveling during the worldwide coronavirus epidemic has been criticized because it increases the risk of spreading novel viruses.


However, Teigen had no problem standing up for itself.

“It’s not my fault but I’m sorry you’re disappointed” He replied. “I just want to share what we are doing and what not.”

At one point, the critic also stated that she blames the former model for being “deaf and is planning a ‘happy’ trip to the center of the issue” and said that “even” Legend Will be able to watch the upcoming performance of, per Buzzfeed.

Chrissy Teigen was criticized for traveling to Washington DC amid security and the coronovirus epidemic. (Photo by: Nathan Congleton / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Image)

Teejan then replied.

“F – ks sake, why are you guys always mad at me, all I want to do is make you happy or at least leave you with a neutral feeling of apathy,” She backed away.

The star shared several happy pictures on Instagram in celebration of the special day, one of which includes herself, Legend, Miles and the couple’s 4-year-old daughter Luna.

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“I should have been a Guddu in a past life,” she captioned the post sweetly.

Teigen and Legend are just a few of the stars who were spotted in DC on Wednesday, with Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks performing at the concert.

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Additionally, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake and more are expected to perform for the television program, which will be hosted by Tom Hanks.

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