“Crisis on the Earth-X, Part 2”


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<p>" Crisis in the Land "-X, Part 2" resumes as the group approaches Prometheus-X to try to get more information when he removes the hood, revealing his identity as the evil doppelganger of Tommy Merlyn. </p>
<p>  Oliver says he needs a second with Prometheus-X and the rest of the group goes up to the main area. Above, Wells explains that there is an Earth of 53 <sup> rd </sup> called Earth-X, an Earth on which the Nazis won the Second World War. </p>
<p>  Earth -X Tommy explains to Oliver that he was born in the Reich and that the Führer would kill his parents if he deserted. He then tells Oliver that the Earth-X Nazis will kill all Earth-Prime heroes. a cyanide capsule, committing suicide. </p>
<p>  Back at the Earth-X meeting point in Central City, Dark Arrow tells Overgirl and Dark Flash that Merlyn died and orders Dar k Flash to get to work and find the prism they're looking for. The three let their egos get the best of them and find themselves in a confrontation against each other. They cool and separate. </p>
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Slide 1/5 – Act II

Back at STAR Labs, Felicity has called Curtis and asks him to investigate what he can about the Nazis. Oliver enters and approaches Felicity about the situation in which they found themselves the night before at the rehearsal dinner.

Felicity reiterates her position of not wanting to get married. She says they have something great and want to move on. Oliver tells him again that he wants to get married, but Felicity urges him to respect his decision.

Jax, Caitlin and Wells are working on ways to stop the parallel universe Nazis when Stein enters and asks for the room. He talks to Jax about how the couple has disagreed since they have been talking about the separation of Firestorm. Jax confesses that Stein is the closest he has ever had to a father and that is the main reason why he is upset that Stein wants to leave Firestorm.

Alex goes down the elevator in STAR Labs and Sara approaches him, and the two share another uncomfortable moment.

Kara starts talking to Alex, who says that the situation in which she met Sara was a mistake, it's not like she had a single night. Kara tries to convince her otherwise.

Iris approaches Felicity and the two discuss Felicity's stance on marriage and the latter reveals that the beginning of the ending between her and Oliver began when she was shot. An alarm begins to sound and Iris sees that Earth-X villains have infiltrated Dayton Opticals.

Oliver, Kara and Barry go to the store hoping to stop the Nazis, but they are greeted by Overgirl, Dark Arrow and Dark Flash in the parking lot. It is there where the Earth-Prime heroes discover that Overgirl and Dark Arrow are evil doppelgangers of Kara and Oliver, while Dark Flash is the evil doppelganger of Wells.

Slide 2/5 – Act III

Barry and Dark Flash begin to accelerate fighting while Oliver pulls out an arrow of Kryptonite to shoot Overgirl. Dark Arrow orders Thawne to take the prism and move away while Overgirl uses laser vision to cut the beams of the nearby skyscraper under construction.

Kara holds the heavier top while Barry and Oliver work to stabilize the rest of the skyscraper, allowing the evil doppelgangers to escape.

Back at STAR Labs, Felicity and Wells tell the rest of the team that the stolen prism would allow them to create a neutron bomb. Barry enters with the arrow that Oliver used to shoot Overgirl in hopes that the team could use the blood to track Overgirl's whereabouts.

Slide 3/5 – Act IV

Felicity and Caitlin work with Wells to start using blood to track Overgirl, and they say they should have a location soon.

Barry and Iris are talking about Thawne's return when Oliver comes in and tells them about his endless love. Felicity enters to tell them that they have a location in the Earth-X villains.

The heroes begin to adapt to converge on the spot while Felicity and Iris are left behind to watch. Mick comes complaining about the lack of mustard in his sandwich, he has stayed behind while the other heroes are going to stop the bad guys.

The group begins to fight with the Nazi henchmen while Barry and Kara work to defeat their counterparts. Oliver and Sara wonder aloud where Dark Arrow is and see it go back on the STAR Labs sign.

Slide 4/5 – Act V

In STAR Labs, Wells encounters Dark Arrow in the basement and leaves running from the others warn.

The group of heroes is still in the warehouse fighting with Nazi henchmen, trying to prevent Earth-X villains from carrying out their Central City leveling plan.

Mick tells Iris and Felicity to hide and tell Caitlin will become Killer Frost – they will try to shoot down Dark Arrow.

Back at the warehouse, Oliver tries to shoot another kryptonite arrow in Overgirl, but this time, she catches him and breaks it in half. [19659003] Mick approaches Dark Arrow and starts firing with his hot air gun. He is able to distract Dark Arrow enough for Caitlin to sneak up and freeze his hand in his bow. Dark Arrow is able to break free, but the rest of Team Arrow – Curtis, Dinah and Rene – appear to help.

The group in the warehouse can stop all the henchmen, but they are approached by a green robot that dazzles most of the team.

Slide 5/5 – Act VI

The team awakens to discover that everyone has been held by the Earth-X group with necklaces that muffle energy. villains.

Overgirl enters to address the team but doubles in pain. Her husband, Dark Arrow, convinces her to be strong and stand up while interacting with her Earth-Prime counterparts.

Here we find the final game of Earth-X villains Overgirl needs a heart transplant and Kara is the only person able to donate that organ. They have taken the prism to replicate a red sun that would weaken Kara enough to cut her heart.

Iris and Felicity are walking in the lower room of the STAR Labs when they see the Nazis putting the knocked out members of Team Arrow in the STAR labs with cells.

The warehouse heroes, Oliver, Barry, Sara, Stein, Jax, Kara and Alex, wake up in a concentration camp on Earth X.

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