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As you already know, Tesla models are well-built electric vehicles that have a clean appearance both inside and outside the elegant cabin. The lack of buttons and seams around the driver keeps things clean, and is part of the charm of the EV.

It seems that someone was not a fan of simple looks, and he thought that large amounts of crocodile skin would improve the appearance of his car.

While some may see it as the last interior modification, it could well be the stuff of nightmares for others. It seems that the only aspect of the interior that managed to escape from the reptilian leather was the steering wheel.

Completed with three different shades of leather, and also with a bit of snake skin in the mix, we are 90 percent sure that this is the only Tesla of its kind in the world.

Although this modification is not to everyone's liking, we must appreciate the amount of work that someone has put into it. The seats, the center console and the four door cards have also been covered with a unique combination of leather and studs.

It turns out that we are not the only ones who are not fans of this interior, as these photos first appeared in the Reddit forum dedicated to the modifications of the bading cars.

Maybe Elon is going to capture this trend and launch an Australian edition of the Model S, it has certainly done more crazy things in its time …

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