Crenshaw hits Green, asks him to act like a member of Congress

Rape Dan KrashavDaniel CrenshawChamber-endorsed Dems clash Crenshaw wins reunion on Texas RNC chair on election night: ‘I think women are coming back’ (R-Texas) on Friday attacked newly-elected GOP co-worker Marjorie Taylor Green, after she began acting as a “member of Congress” to Georgia Republicans, saying in one of her tweets that she had Americans accept the end results Call back for Of election.

The back and forth started when Crenshaw, who won a second term on Tuesday, tweeted that the country should accept the final results of the presidential election, even if President TrumpDonald John Trumpden led Biden in Georgia ahead of Trump, gaining edge in Georgia, profiting in Pennsylvania gore: This election is over 2000 ‘completely different’ Loses His tweet came as Georgia and several other states continued to count votes. Joe BidenJoe Biden draws Biden ahead of Trump in Georgia Biden takes edge in Georgia, makes gains in Pennsylvania gore: This election is ‘completely different’ from 2000 Leader in current lengths.

Texas Republicans included a warning that there had been “little trust in the process” due to “irregularities” and “lack of transparency”, writing, “It should not be partisan to suggest peacefully that the investigation takes place and the court process ends. “he said that “Americans must be sure of the winner and the loser. Winners especially want that.”

Green replied to his tweet about an hour later, “Time for Uttar Pradesh @realDonaldTrump is right now! Republicans cannot back down. “

“It’s the loser mentality of how a Democrat wins,” she tweeted. “President Trump has fought for us, we have to fight for him. We will not forget. believe me.”

Crenshaw answered the question of whether Green “read the first sentence.”

“Or are you just deliberately lying so that you can talk harder?” He wrote, “Nobody gave up. I really said that check every irregularity and use the courts.”

He said, “You are a member of Congress right now. Marjorie. Start working the same way,” he said.

“Our Republican base is sick and tired of weakness coming from Congress,” Green said in another tweet. He urges Crenshaw to “fight”.

Was green Elected to the house On Tuesday to represent the 14th District of Georgia. He was expected to win after winning the Republican primary runoff in the dark red district in August, and Democratic challenger Kevin Van Ausdall was out in September.

Incoming GOP MP Is known for his previous support of the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that Trump and his allies are working to bring down the underground cabal of global elites who control the government and child sexual trafficking Let’s run the rings.

She later sought to withdraw her support for the doctrine, citing “misinformation”.

Crenshaw on Tuesday Won the reunion For a second term representing the Second District of Texas.


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