‘Creed 2’ director to helm new ‘Transformers Pick – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: After a long search, Paramount Pictures and Hasbro Studios hired Steven Couple Jr. to direct the new Transformer Picture in the reinvested universe. Insiders say that so far as negotiations begin, he is the studio’s top choice between execs and producers and a deal should close in the coming weeks. After meeting with a number of top executives, including Paramount motion picture president Emma Watts, the studio chose Capelle to be the most suitable for the franchise, which the studio chose to re-top at the top of the year.

In January, the studio decided to award the entire franchise with two simultaneous scripts in active development: one by James Vanderbilt and one by Jobie Harold. Harold’s film would eventually be chosen as the next installment in the franchise, and once he gave his final touch on the script at the end of the summer, the studio began taking a directorial pitch on the next film.

Transformer Paramount has been one of the biggest draws since the franchise debuted in 2007, grossing over $ 4 billion on five films worldwide. Post 2017 release Transformers: The Last Knight, Director Michael Bay parted ways with the series to focus on new original material. After that, the studio decided to make a complete revamp of the property, starting with a writer’s room that would develop several ways to pursue a new film, leading to 2018. Bumble-bee.

Capelle is best known for directing the sequel Creed 2 Starring Michael B. Jordan. He is retaken by WME and Untitled Entertainment.

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