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The developer of Active Shooter, a controversial game that allows him to conduct a school shooting, says he is not a "psychopath", but simply an amateur developer from Moscow with little English skills and little knowledge of current events from USA UU

Anton Makarevskiy, 21, told PCMag that he expected to sell "hundreds of copies" of the first person action game before Steam withdrew the game from its platform on Tuesday and banned its developer and publisher, Revived. Games and Acid.

Valve, owner of Steam, blamed Ata Berdyev, whom the company called " troll, with a history of client abuse, publication of copyrighted material and manipulation by users "[19659005]

Berdyev, who translated for Makarevskiy during an interview with PCMag, was the owner of a previous bad behavior (" I made a lot of a row "), but said no He was directly involved in the development of Active Shooter, beyond offering "advice" to M akarevskiy. Valve only pointed to Berdyev as his developer because Berdyev allowed Makarevskiy to use his US bank accounts to receive payment for sales of Steam games since US economic sanctions made transfers between the United States and Russia more difficult.

"Basically I was helping him keep his funds," Berdyev said during a Skype call. "I really do not like how they pull [Makarevskiy] out of Steam thinking it's me, instead of anything else."

"I did not think the game was as controversial as it turned out to be," Berdyev continued. that people fight among themselves over such a subject. "

Since the mbad shootings in Parkland and Santa Fe are still fresh in the minds of people here in the United States, the Makarevskiy game faced a quick public condemnation since the school shooting survivors parents of victims and others who demanded that Valve eliminate the title on its "despicable" content.

"How can someone sleep at night knowing that they are benefiting from turning deadly shootings into entertainment?" Reads an online petition calling for the elimination of the game, which had more than 205,000 signatures since Wednesday. .

  Valve Petition Active Shooter

The title was originally designed to be a SWAT team simulator. Wever, Makarevskiy decided to let the players also badume the role of the shooter. The game trailer shows players shooting civilians and throwing grenades at them, all inside what appeared to be a school.

Makarevskiy told PCMag that he was surprised by the controversy. He noted that many other first-person shooters with graphic violence are available on Steam and sold without much scrutiny. The popular Counter-Strike games, for example, allow players to choose between taking on the role of anti-terrorist and terrorist fighters. He argued that while Active Shooter allows you to kill innocent civilians, children do not appear in the game, which was restricted to adults on Steam.

Berdyev echoed that sentiment. "There's nothing about glorifying violence, nothing promoting it, it's literally just having fun, other games like Counter-Strike have terrorists, it's the same idea, just to give it more playability."

  Anton Makarevskiy

Makarevskiy chose to activate Active Shooter partly in a school, partly for convenience. The 3D model and the design of levels for the school building of the game can be purchased by developers at an affordable price.

Makarevskiy described himself as a self-taught developer and said he started programming Active Shooter two months ago, as a way to help him escape his "horrible job" of printing posters for businesses and events. Before he was a great player, but he discovers that creating content is more fun.

In Steam, Makarevskiy developed several other games with some names to raise eyebrows, such as Tyde Pod Challenge and White Power: Pure Voltage. With White Power, Makarevskiy said his intention was not to be racist, but to emphasize the use of white electricity. (The game itself seems to be a scam from the story of the Netflix series Stranger Things. )

 White Power Steam

Makarevskiy recently decided to become an independent developer of games on time full ; Tuesday was his last day at his old job. It was also the day that Valve closed its publisher and developer accounts on Steam.

"He said he was in a bad situation," Berdyev told PCMag. "He's just trying to figure out what to do now."

Berdyev, based in the USA. UU., He has also been excluded from Steam, although he is no longer a game developer and now works in social media marketing.

The two originally met six years ago online through the first person shooter ARMA 2 and became friends. To demonstrate his role in the development of the game, Makarevskiy offered a copy of the email that Steam sent him regarding his game. The email is addressed to him and to Berdyev, and comes from Liam Lavery, Valve's lawyer.

 Email from Anton Ata of Steam

During the Skype video call, Makarevskiy also showed a tattoo on his arm, which was labeled with the word "acid", the name of the Active Shooter editor that appears on Steam.

So far, Valve has not responded to a request for comment or confirmed the authenticity of the email. The two friends expect Makarevskiy to be reinstated on Steam, even when critics of the game are happy he's gone.

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Meanwhile, Makarevskiy is considering launching Active Shooter as a free download. Initially, he was considering eliminating the "shooter's role" from the game, but Makarevskiy decided to leave him there. Its objective is not to anger the public or glorify violence, but to make people think in what role they would choose. the game (SWAT member or attacker) and why.

"It does not promote violence, definitely not," he said in English.

Concerned parents probably will not buy that argument. Others may be skeptical that Berdyev has had limited involvement with the game, or that his and Makarevskiy's explanation are legitimate. For now, however, those who buy games on Steam will not find the game.

Berdyev says critics focus too much on a computer game when mbad shootings in the US UU They can be attributed to mental health, weapons and bad upbringing. "From my point of view, they should focus on real problems instead of video games," he said.


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