Cowboys vs. Rams Final Score: LA Defense Raises Dallas, Fourth-Down Call Dooms Mike McCarthy

In the first Sunday night football game of the 2020 NFL season, the Ram of Los Angeles opened their new stadium with a 20–17 win over the Dallas Cowboys. Ram got a lot they wanted aggressively for much of the evening, his score was limited to just 20, one missed on a field goal basis and a pass that missed the passer-by rough, resulting in Jerred Goff intercepted. The Cowboys offense looked electric in the first half, but the latter slowed down after scoring on only three points. He had a chance to tie the game early in the fourth quarter, but opted for it at fourth-and-3 instead of kicking a game-tying field goal.

On a final-ditch drive in the final minute, Dak Prescott found that Michael Gallup had accelerated down the sideline for a monster advantage that put the Cowboys firmly within field goal range, but a controversial offensive pass. The play was called back due to an interference call. After two imperfections, the Rams recorded their victory.

Here are some of our paths from Sunday night’s affair:

Why ram won

Boy oh boy, did Sean McVay have the perfect script for his crime. This is where you have to start, because Jared Goff’s history of skittish slaps seemed inauspicious for a possible shootout with a high-powered cowboy. Instead, QB was lossless, working with ease in an up-tempo, play-action-heavy attack (an INT must be wiped out by a rough-a-passing call), aided by a rock-solid Exiting the lead was Malcolm Brown, who ran with authority. La was often forced to make compromises for field-goal attempts, but the team would also run for much of the night. On the other side of the ball, big play dancers from top guys like Aaron Donald and Jalan Ramsey proved more than adequate for Dallas’ weapon, which never let loose.

Why did the cowboys lose

Losing middle linebacker Linton Vander Ash to injury early in the game did not help, but the issues were big and wide, starting with the fact the Cowboys could never seem to stop the positive Rams help. Whether it was Malcolm Brown in the middle, Robert Woods on screen or anything in between, Dallas had no answer for McVay’s skilled group. (Alden Smith, in a really good performance that led to a nearby rush, was probably the lone exception.) Offensively, you can’t even begin to blame Dak Prescott, the razor for much of the night. -Sharp was. However, you can be blamed for being lewd on some important calls to Mike McCarthy, including a trip to the red-zone in the second half that saw the boys’ orthodox despite postal aerial speed.


There are five minutes left in the game. The Cowboys actually have a chance to reverse their luck after three straight, failed Ramas drives from three – one pick and two penalties. This was followed by two short plays for Elliott and a third-down play that informally sealed Ram’s victory, a Jalen Ramsey breakup of Amery Cooper’s first-down catch. Ramsey’s physicality actually appeared on the play, which was initially ruled a forced one, and signaled a three-and-out for Dallas, allowing LA to burn minutes from the clock and inches closer to victory is.

Game play

In a game devoid of big-game touchdowns, this Ramsay has to go, who basically picks up Cooper and throws him aside in Ram’s season-opening win:

What will happen next

The Cowboys (0-1) will go home to AT&T Stadium for a show with the Atlanta Falcons (0-1), which fell to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1. Ram (1-0), meanwhile, will travel to Palestine for the matchup with the Eagles (0-1), who lost a stunner to the Washington football team in their opener.