Cowboys take over DeMarcus Lawrence contract, Eye Dac Prescott’s future

Frisco, Texas – With the 2020 season starting in three days, the Dallas Cowboys continue to think about 2021 – at least from a salary-cap perspective and with an eye toward the future of Dac Prescott.

According to sources, the Cowboys restructured the contract for defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, creating $ 12 million in cap space.

With the recent restructuring of contracts for offensive linemen Tyron Smith ($ 7.1 million) and Zac Martin ($ 7.9 million), as well as Lawrence, the Cowboys have made about $ 27 million in cap room. According to ESPN Stats and Information, the Cowboys were $ 18.3 million under the cap before Lawrence’s move.

Lawrence added $ 16.9 million of his $ 16.9 million base salary turned into a signing bonus to make room. As happened with Smith’s deal, the Cowboys also added a void year to Lawrence’s contract; They are currently signed through 2024, allowing the team to spread the new spread over five years.

The Cowboys, like all teams, will take all the unused cap space this season to 2021, which is now more mandatory, as the cap is expected to shrink due to the coronovirus epidemic. This year the cap is $ 198.2 million and the 2021 cap floor will be $ 175 million.

If the Cowboys were to use the franchise tag on Prescott for a second time, it would cost them $ 37.7 million. Before Smith, Martin and Lawrence were restructured, they did not have room for the tag, which would require more restructuring or the release of players next season.

If the Cowboys and Prescott can survive the franchise tag and reach an agreement on a long-term deal, the team will have enough cap space to expand to other players or advance that money by 2022.

Under franchise tag rules, the Cowboys and Prescott cannot sign a long-term deal until later this season.