Cowboys Jerry Jones says he is ‘sensitive’ to players, fans about kneeling. Bleacher report

Paul Sankya / Associated Press

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the difficulties of being “sensitive” to players’ concerns between the Black Lives Matter movement and the possible backlash caused by members of the organization kneeling during the national anthem during the 2020 NFL season. discussed.

Jones talked about how the situation is balanced at Fan Radio Dallas on Tuesday at 105.3 during a situation:

“It’s a very big issue. Vishal. You just know the way that I run the team. I appreciate my interest in the Dallas Cowboys. Now I know there’s interest there just because they beat us Want to see. But still there is huge interest. I am very sensitive to it. That is why I have said that I want our players to be more sensitive to the majority of our fans than any other team. Our How sensitive are most fans that they are recognizing what this great country is and what this flag stands for.

“Everyone knows where I stand. And there is no commonality. I feel fortunate to be part of a unit, the Dallas Cowboys, and a sport that has a lot of interest. As a result, I want anyone Players understand. There is a serious, serious, serious awareness with this kind of sensitivity, and they ask for help. It’s not offensive or anything good if you’re asking people to look at it through their eyes and see it. Are. In their own way. It is important to show the type of grace. All of this is trying to work hard to move the ball to see where the other is coming from. It is not necessary to agree, But to see where he is coming from. I hope the Dallas Cowboys can be a part of that, as we are talking about this morning.

In August, the Cowboys played defensive tackle Dontari Poe said he was planning to participate in silent protests during the national anthem this season.

“Yes, I still plan to kneel, but we haven’t had a conversation yet,” Poe Told reporters. “Not saying that someone else is wrong for not doing it or for what they caused. But it made me feel like I just wanted to do it for me and that statement that I wanted to make.”

Jones was asked a few days later about Poe’s plans.

“We have to identify what he is trying to do and the way he is trying to do it,” he said. “And everyone is going to be sensitive about what we’re doing about it. Ask the fans out there to follow us, be attentive to us, and we’re well aware of the issue and Where are the Dallas Cowboys fans. “

Jones was the first Criticized To say that he wanted to make an agreement with the players he made before a game against the Arizona Cardinals in September 2017, when he joined the team on the field to kneel for the anthem and then they all sing Stood up. Jones Reflect At the moment:

“And that, at the end of the day, was a recognition that we support our players. I do the same with my players as you know, on an individual basis, but as a team, we are all one Sing the anthem together, and we stood. For the anthem to recognize what its symbol is America. And I thought it was cool. The kind of thing we want to see if we can apply it. “

No Cowboys player has gone for the anthem since the 2016 protests by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The Dallas regular season is scheduled to open on Sunday, when he travels to Sophie Stadium to face the Los Angeles Ram.

The protest will be a major Week 1 storyline, and the Cowboys players will be in the spotlight given Jones’ lack of a definite stance on the subject.