Cowboy defeats Iaquinta in a war


Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and "Raging" Al Iaquinta met in a memorable lightweight clash tonight (Saturday May 4, 2019) inside the Canadian Tire Center in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada, only on ESPN +. Iaquinta ranked sixth, Cowboy ranked eighth.

The gloves were touched. Iaquinta took the center with a stationary posture, then walked sideways with the crab towards a side kick. Cerrone came in and countered with a winged hook. When he landed a kick to the body. Cerrone kicked his leg. When landed a jab and a one-two. Al went into an inside leg kick. Cerrone hit. Al turned around, hit himself, almost ate a kick in the head for his problem. Cerrone landed a hard body kick. When landed a body shot and a hook on the head. He slid a stroke of Cerrone. Al winced when Cerrone kicked high. Cerrone entered with a bombshell and fell short; Iaquinta missed a big blow. Cerrone threw a front kick to the body and Al responded with a body shot. Cerrone turned and Al caught him with a big right hand. Al circled, punctured. The cowboy got some kicks in the body, Al intervened and Cerrone slipped and hit a safety hook. Iaquinta got a cracking combination and Cerrone came back with a hard counter! The cowboy landed a knee / kick in the head when Iaquinta intervened and, somehow, Al only absorbed it. He landed a counter on the right hand moments later.

Cerrone landed a kick in the leg, and Al responded with a pair of his. Al answered a blow with a slap hook. Cerrone landed an internal kick and ate a blow in return. Al threw a punch and Cerrone hit him with a pair of hard kicks that had Al out of position. The corner of Cerrone called for more kicks in the leg, but Al intervened and landed two mbadive blasting. Cowboy remained in position. Al came up with a high kick. Cerrone intervened and this time Al kicked his leg. Cerrone was trying to use his boxing a bit. The finte and Cerrone shuddered in response. Cerrone landed a jab. To the partially connected with a head kick. Cerrone landed a hard kick on the leg. Iaquinta was checked the kick and Cerrone countered one of his tickets with a small bombshell. Iaquinta was doing a good job staying in position, reducing Cerrone's ability to continue with the longer combinations he used in Alexander Hernandez. Iaquinta counterattacked a kick and wobbled Cerrone near the end of the round! This fight was shaping up to be a clbadic battle.

Iaquinta came out with a kick in the leg and a pair of front kicks of his own. Cerrone looked for that interception of the main kick / knee while bending over. Iaquinta has just avoided a high kick. Iaquinta faked a knockdown and reached the top with a right hand. Cerrone landed a front kick, then another kick. He landed a large lead hook in combination that broke Al's head. He landed his own big right hand while Cowboy tried to locate him. Great switch from Cerrone, out of Al's arms. He tried two more, but slipped in the second and almost ate a right hand when he got up. Iaquinta threw a one-two that cerrone blocked. Al's leg was hit and he changed momentarily to left-handed. The cowboy threw it with a jab! Cerrone climbed and landed on heavy ground and pounded to finish the round.

Iaquinta was trying to locate Cerrone in the fourth round, kicking a leg. Cerrone threw a strong front kick out of nowhere that knocked Al down! Iaquinta stood up, blocking a kick in the head! Cerrone threw the same fast kick and Al kept going. Cerrone leg kick. When landed a hook to the body. Cerrone connected a jab, and avoided the one-two of Al. Iaquinta just blocked a kick in the head. When landed a solid left hook. Cerrone landed an inside kick, then a high right kick. Al circled, then landed another left hook. Cerrone jumped to Iaquinta with a lead uppercut just after a left hook. Al hit a solid hit, then Cerrone responded with five or six punches. Cerrone seemed to be very in his range, landing a kick in the leg and then a high kick. He landed one of those long series of blows on a retreating Al. Iaquinta caught a kick but could not land the takedown. He circled Cerrone when the round ended.

The doctors had to check Iaquinta's eye before the final round began. Iaquinta was looking for pressure, knowing that he was behind. He moved behind his jab when Cerrone turned around. Al lost a big right hand. Cowboy landed a hard kick in the leg. Iaquinta landed hard, countered Cerrone. He countered a right hand with his own. Cerrone got a good blow at once. When he wove and wove, then he ate a kick. Cerrone landed a punch, then a low kick. Those kicks in the leg were really bothering Al. He blocked a high kick, then landed a perfect right hand on Cerrone's chin. The cowboy kept going. Another opposite hook landed. Cerrone landed a long, tight kick to stay out of reach. Cerrone landed a kick to the body. Iaquinta landed a solid left hook, Cowboy returned with a six-stroke combination. Cowboy Jab Iaquinta caught a kick in the leg and committed to only one leg to land in the break. The crowd shouted; Iaquinta blocked a high kick. When landed a kick of his own head. Cerrone became very aggressive, advancing, and Iaquinta stepped back. Kick on the cowboy's leg, he threw a flying knee, wiped himself on an Iaquinta who crouched, who ended up on his back and the cowboy rained earth and pound. Al was firing, but the bell had already rung! What last thirty seconds of Cowboy, what five-round war of both men.

"Father Cerrone has a 3-0 record now, so I'm on a new mission!" Cerrone said. He said he wants the title, unless Conor McGregor wants to fight him in July. What a great victory for Cerrone and what a great fight in general. He posed with his baby wearing headphones and his equipment later.

Results: Donald Cerrone def. To the Iaquinta by unanimous decision (49-45×2, 49-46)

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